25 months

dear hugo,

well i did it. i cut your hair this month. and by cut i mean trim. your papa was disappointed that it wasn’t more, even though it was actually a few inches! but i love your long hair! so that’s all i can handle for now.

2015 06 01 trim

baby’s first haircut

you got your stitches out this month too and you didn’t like it. you tell me often, “dr shue huht me.” i try to explain that it was dr costello, but it doesn’t stick. you have a crazy scar like a pirate on your knee now, but it doesn’t seem to bother you. indeed, you are already lifting your feet to glide on your strider!

2015 06 22 balance biker

ready to go

you are learning more and more words. my favorite expression is when you say ok, “oh-kaaaay” like you are so put out. it’s amazing. we also play a tickle game where i ask you if you want “boogie-boogie”. usually you say no at first, and then you ask me if i want “boog-boogie” with a smile and a tilt of your head. who can say no to that? after you’ve tickled me and i giggle, you are usually ready for some boogie-boogie yourself. you also spend a lot of your time yelling at your brother – “don’t DO dat, dayum!” it’s not very nice but it is funny. when i come in from a run you say, “oh, hi, mama! did you go run?” you say “rah pay shoo” with hand motions followed immediately by an “aaaw.” you don’t really understand why people play rock paper shoot but you’re not going to be left out!

2015 05 28 hugo

cool guy

your pennsylvania cousins came to visit this month and you were over the moon. as usual we had a great visit with your aunt and uncle and you enjoyed evenly and liam – you and liam get to be great buddies, in fact – but lillian was by far your favorite thing. everything was about lillian and what was she doing and could you hold her and oh no baby’s crying and does she want this toy? for days after you asked about her. i usually told you she was at home sleeping and you seemed to think that was ok.

2015 06 03 swan boats

swan boats

calum and i took you on the swan boats for your annual birthday trip and this time you were actually awake for it! you loved seeing all of the birds and the water. we walked around the public gardens too and saw the make way for ducklings ducks. although you don’t know the books, you thought they were kind of cool too.

2015 06 05 mah ch'ucks

birthday trucks

we took you out to eat this month for the first time in ages. maybe a year? because you are the worst at meal times. but we thought we might be able to distract you with the aquariums we have there. i’m not sure if they helped or not, but you did great. i’m sure it helped that nana and grandpa were there and you seemed to enjoy the food too. i don’t think we’re ready to make a regular time of it, but it’s nice to know we can go out to eat *sometimes*. your brothers actually weren’t terrible either. what a nice change.

2015 06 16 colorful kids

“i have cool hair”

you continued to receive presents for awhile after your actual birthday, so when packages that came that were not for you, it was a bit of an issue. “HAAAI!” you’d shout, ” DAT’S MY BIR’DAY!” sorry, buddy, it’s actually toilet paper.

2015 05 31 happy birthday to hugo

2nd birthday party

you haven’t had an accident in ages and forever now. in fact you have started peeing up outside at least, which is great! you prefer to pee off of the porch or in the fence holes and that’s fine with me. i just need you to pee before nap and bedtime, i’m not too particular. the next big challenge is getting your pants on and off over your big butt, but we have plenty of time for that.

2015 06 06 water race

water race!

you have discovered machines at work and you love it. you have been liking excavation trucks in general for some time, but this is the first time you actually want to sit down and read about them. you especially like the “el-ka-vay-dors” and cranes.

2015 06 14 flowers

flower sniffer

you like the iPad very much too and will often shriek, “DAS MY IPAD” when it gets taken away from you. you are very good and quietly going off and sneaking a turn. you love this one little bird game that i would let you play sometimes if you didn’t throw such a tantrum when your time was up. sorry, baby, no technology for you just yet.

2015 06 02 sticker stealer

“i got deese sdick-ohs”

you’ve moved on from bruno mars to taylor swift, with shake it off being your new favorite video. you sing bits of it to yourself from time to time, and in fact when i transferred you to the bed from the car at nap time one day, you murmured, “people say mmm-mmm” as you rolled over and went to sleep. you slay me, little pop culture lover.

2015 06 26 twenty-five months

25 months

happy 25 months, big kid! what a joy it is seeing you grow!




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