26 months

dear dr. bones,

time keeps marching by. i (mostly) didn’t work for the past few weeks, so i’m finally catching up for a minute before everything starts again in full force new week. i wouldn’t have chosen not to make much money this month(!), but what a gift it has been to be able to enjoy this summer time with my 3 lovelies without the stress of squeezing in all boring working time.

2015 06 29 brother safari

baby’s first safari

you’ve loved having your brothers home and i am dreading the end of the summer this year a little more than usual. i am excited for calum in particular to start kindergarten – and he is too! – but i think you are going to be very sad. i am going to have to think of some extra fun things for us to do those first few weeks in september!

2015 07 03 hugo ii

lion tamer

the beginning of this month was a little bit tough because you had a weird stomach bug – fever and vomiting every couple days for a week straight. it was confusing for me and uncomfortable for you. you were a trooper as usual, though, and whenever you weren’t sleeping or puking it was hard to tell that you were sick at all. lucky for us (although not for him, perhaps), uncle adam happened to visit while you and your brothers (who only ever had fevers and went to be early) were sick and was a big help. plus you all loved getting to spend time with him, too.

2015 06 28 i, weirdo

baby weirdo

you are growing growing growing so much! you eat bre’fast with us most mornings, frequently requesting “sugar ‘minnin'” on your toast. when we were in VT for a long weekend this month i made you toast but we didn’t have cinnamon. i pretend to put some italian spices on your toast in the hope of tricking into eating it anyway. “it b’oken,” you said. “open it.” you don’t miss a thing, smarty.

2015 07 02 frog pond

frog pond

you speak like a “learn to speak ___” computer program. when you are offered something you don’t like (“hugo, would you like a banana?”) you parrot back, “i don’t want it, banana”. if i ask you too many times, that is often followed by, “STOP SAYING”. ok-aaaay.

you like to do silly voices too. you and papa play a game where you yell at each other in deep, gravelly voices, and yours sounds like, “WOOK AT ME, WOOK AT ME.” it is hard for papa to play that game without laughing.

2015 06 27 lighting ii


earlier this month, nearing the end of soccer for the season, i road my bicycle so that nana and grandpa could ride in the car with everyone. i left right before everyone did and when the car got home a few minutes later, out popped calum with a bandage on his head. “what happened?!” i cried, “how was i possibly gone long enough for THAT to happen?!” nana explained that you had thrown a stick at calum’s head. and now there is a scar. sigh. oh, hugo. poor calum. you really need to give your brother a break some time.

2015 07 06 fevered bear

“i not sick”

you desperately want to be old enough to play the iPad. sometimes you sneak and sometimes we let you have a turn – your favorite is a game you call “boordies“, wherein you use your finger to drag a little bird around the screen to interact with graphics and cause silly things to happen. you are so adorable playing it that sometimes i give in and give you short turn. the problem is that you have such an epic tantrum when your turn is over – no matter how long or short – that it’s just not worth it for anyone to let you play. so you’re just going to have to 10 more months, my poor baby.

2015 07 26 h on a boat

baby on a boat

we went to a new spray deck a few times with friends this month and you LOVED it. you love water in every way possible, and this spray deck also has a wading pool, so it was just about your best thing. you were in and out of the water all morning long, it was such a pleasure to watch you go and go.

your song of the month is bad blood (or “death girl” as calum called it once). in no way is the video appropriate for a 2 yr old but sometimes we let your brain rot, i guess, is my only defense. you have started to sing this one sometimes too. you love your favorite songs to much it’s hard not to want to let you listen to them. you often request them in the car and it’s hard to explain that the radio doesn’t work the same way as the computer. technology is a confusing thing.

2015 07 25 friends


you have discovered the rest of our byron barton books. you don’t have a favorite, you usually just like to read them all. you will be into a particular book for a day or so and then you will quickly move onto another one. ah those books are so good, it’s so much fun to see you enjoy them. you are *just* starting to appreciate the occasional sandra boynton as well. you frequently drag books up to me or to papa and slap them down into one of our laps, demanding, “READ DIS.” when papa or i can’t, one of your brothers often volunteers.  i love how much the three of you love books.

2015 06 27 ok

sharing with liam

you pay close attention to everything we are doing and you often have things to say about it. for example, we got a new floor put into the kitchen. while the worker was putting down the cork, he would stop frequently to gently tap it down with a rubber mallet. you were very concerned about this and exclaimed, “don’t hurt it!” we laughed and explained that it was ok but you were not quite convinced.

2015 07 02 hugo candy

silly guy

it’s been so, so hot this month – not bad for summer – so you have been refusing pajamas most nights. it means that we get to see your hilarious new sleeping position – on your belly, bum up, with hands palm up under you, fingers sticking out from under your bum. it’s the most ridiculous and adorable thing.

2015 07 03 on a rock ii


happy 26 months, baby, what a very wonderful summer we are having together!

2015 07 26 twenty-six months

26 months




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