27 months

dear chicken,

the last month of summer. well no one can see we didn’t try to wring every last drop of fun out of it, that’s for sure!

2015 07 27 buddies

buddies in VT

we began the month in virginia with nana and grandpa. you of course (we all of course) had a fantastic time. although the change in schedule gets to you over time, you did a great job with naps and bedtimes overall. and you are a fantastic traveler, just like your brothers. this year at the end of the visit we drove up to pennsylvania for a reunion with grandpa’s family. even with the extra driving you and your brothers were great, just great.

2015 08 02 goofy grandpa

goofy grandpa

i rode in the front seat this time on our trip, with you behind the driver seat so the front seat passenger could pass you things as necessary. it actually worked out ok. you were a bit put out that you couldn’t have mahnah’s whenever you wanted, and in fact a few times you yelled quite a bit about it (STOP DRIVING! MAHNAHS RIGHT NOW). it was a little tough and we did stop once or twice to nurse. but honestly, that wasn’t too bad. we could usually time it so that everyone could have a bathroom break and/or to get gas, and we all could stretch our legs from time to time. plus you are still only a wee guy, 10+ hours in the car is long any way you look at it. but i can’t say i’m going to miss those lean-over-the-car seat-to-nurse days at all.

2015 08 03 hugo with a mustache

has he got a deal for you

we didn’t go to the beach as much this summer but we DID finally make it to revere beach for the sand castle contest! it was pretty neat. you enjoyed the sand castles a lot and you really like the ocean too. it’s very exciting and scary to run in and then have a wave get you. you spent a lot of time running into and out of the water, screeching with glee/terror. it was pretty adorable. the one day we went to a beach with a lot of tide pools, though, and you didn’t like that as much, although i think mostly you were hungry and not afraid of things. it was really neat and we hope to go again next year.

2015 08 03 gift and thrifters

hanging with nana

you are big and know all of the things all of the other kids know. you know all of the star wars characters already (you can name them on the box of the star wars graham crackers that we buy) and you even know which ones are supposed to fight each other, as evidenced by the fighting games you play with your brothers’ star wars figures. i suppose it is sort of appalling how deeply steeped you are in all of this silliness at such a young age, but it’s also pretty amazing and entertaining. i am in awe, really, of how devoted you are to all things brothers, and how much they work to include you in most things. so if you are a two year old who already knows more things about star wars than a lot of grownups, i am more than okay with that.

2015 08 04 chickens ii


you have started to resist going up to bed to nurse. it’s a little obnoxious but not worth battling over. for many naps and bedtimes we have been nursing you to sleep on the couch and then transferring. it’s inconvenient, sure, but at this point in my life i really will do just about anything to make sure the sleeping happens, so you win this round for sure. i also know that all things will pass, and so i am able not to get too terribly hung up on it. still, it will be nice when we can just go to bed when it’s time to sleep ohmygoodness.

2015 08 23 cousins


you like to do many things – you play so much more with toys and games and things than before. you have really started to understand that certain things have functions that can be manipulated for good times. one thing in particular you really enjoy going is “pay ma’na’tiles” with anyone who will sit down with you. you and calum in particularly like to build magnatile cubes with soldiers inside. i’m not really sure what the ultimate goal is, but you seem to want to build as many cubes as possible and them smash them. actually, that probably IS the ultimate goal. but it’s pretty amazing to see you do what is actually a fairly complex task with relatively little difficulty.

2015 08 08 nap with baby

baby snuggles

you’re a very loving guy. you like giving big hugs and kisses and you like to check in to see how people are feeling and you like cheering people on. sometimes i let you press some buttons for me when i am playing one of my silly games on the iPad. if i seem to have done well on one of the games, you will often turn to me with a big grin and a hand up and shout, “NI JAH’ GIMME FI’!” so of course i have to give you a high five, even if i’ve only just  transitioned from the opening screen to the main menu.

2015 08 08 family on a rock


you have learned that my and papa’s phones take photos and you have joined your brothers in occasionally demanding “tay pi’shur me!” when you think you are doing something cool. the problem is that you usually get so excited that you can’t hold still, so it’s a difficult request to actually fulfill. it’s difficult even to sneak a photo anymore because you immediately notice and demand to see it. it’s hard to explain that there is no photo to see if you don’t be quite and let us take it first.

2015 08 07 hugo qb

steelers’ new starting quarterback

my cousin (you call her g’elise) and her son tristan came to visit us for a week this summer. you LOVED it. poor tristan could not understand why you had to follow him around ALL. THE. TIME. but boy did you really like having ANOTHER big kid in the house. he is a really sweet guy and your big brothers really had a nice visit with him too.

2015 08 23 hugo on a cat

i got cat

we’re still nursing a decent amount but you are getting more patient about it – often when you wake up before i am upstairs for my bedtime i have to pee before i come into nurse. when you were smaller you would be so angry, but now you wait without complaint, sometimes even calling out, “oh – you need pee? ok”. you are a stinker but you are also a love.

2015 08 26 twenty seven months

27 months

happy 27 months, you amazing 2 yr old. i can’t believe how lucky we are to have you in our lives!




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