28 months

dear hugo,

i was worried what the back to school transition would be like for you. i knew it would be a little rough for your biggest brother and i hope the excitement of your bigger brother would smooth this transition (and it did) but i didn’t know what to expect from you. i’m not nearly as exciting as your older siblings and there are only so many times going to the playground can be interesting in one week (at least for me, anyway) and so i was worried that you would be bored (and that i would be too). but on the afternoon of the second full day that both brothers had been in school, i was trying to get you to get ready to go pick your siblings up and you weren’t ready to go. i said, “come on, we have go to get your brothers!” and you said, “no, dere’s no more brudders!” so. yeah. you seem to be doing just fine.

2015 08 27 excavators

papa chose these shirts for you

we do have some things we do together – on mondays we meet a group at the arboretum and on tuesdays we go to story hour at the library. the monday group is fine, it’s a great excuse to get out into nature, but somehow we have missed every other week since it’s started. the tuesday activity, though, is your favorite. miss rachel usually reads two books and we sing a couple of little songs and then there is an activity or a craft. story hour has never been a thing for either of your other two brothers. we tried one or two, but it was never something they could get into. everyone is so busy. you are so busy. but somehow you really connect here and you really love the songs. you like singing “this is the way we wash our hands” and “popcorn kernel” and lately “here’s a cup.” you even do the crafts (your brother have no use for crafts). it’s been really fun to watch you enjoy it so much. i have to admit i wasn’t looking forward to story hour at all but now i love going with you.

2015 09 06 chocolate donut


you talk all the time and you say the most adorable toddler things. like both your brothers (and toddlers everywhere) you say fantastic things like “keerry you” when you want to be picked up and “give water me” when you are thirsty, but also “g’boon” (balloon), “g’bito” (burrito) and “g’nana” (banana). “kai pease have mahnahs?” which in the middle of the night just sounds like a bunch of half formed sounds, heavy on the vowels. you say “yep” and “nope” and sometimes even “actually, no thank you.” who ARE you, little person?

2015 09 01 h in the sand

second-to-last beach of the season

we went to pennsylvania this month to celebrate the wedding of our good friend ryan and you had a blast. it was a beautiful warm day on saturday, the one full day we were there, and you played your heart out. we actually went swimming a few times and you were so brave and bold and never wanted to get out of the water. we played soccer and stick fighting and there was a playground and lots of babies (dolls) and we even roasted marshmallows. it was a fun, unexpected outing and we all had a really great time seeing old and new friends.

2015 09 26 friends

your buddy

you love love reading books. some of your favorites are green hat blue hat (oops and big oops), trucks, trains (several different books about), boats, and planes and almost anything  with pictures of animals. you have a few with kids and babies that you also like and you like to point to the pictures and tell me what you see or have me ask you if you can find (where is the apple? the bunny? the kid laughing?). and of course books (with pictures) about star wars. you don’t quite like stories yet, but it’s still oh so fun to sit and look at books with you.

you have started to learn colors out of nowhere and you know a tiny bit of counting too. who is teaching you these things, anyway?

2015 09 02 sleeping brothers

calum has been sneaking into bed in the middle of the night

you are also big into imagination games – you giggle so much pretending to do things together. “mama, eat dis strah-ber’y” you tell me and we pretend to pick the fruit out of the book and eat it. “can i drink yo coffee?” and you pretend to drink from a block. or a magnatile. you and papa play a game where you take turns pretending to sleep while the other tries to wake you up. you could play that one for ages.

2015 09 19 tractor trailers

a little ride around the bend

you are so busy that you haven’t been able to settle down to sleep at a decent hour in ages. part of it is your age – you are getting closer and closer to dropping your nap, even though you still desperately need one. but you still need about three hours of sleep in the middle of the day, which pushes your bedtime way back until 9 or after many nights. also your 2 yr molars are coming in. and you’ve had a cold this month. and you’re talking SO MUCH. it’s all keeping you up too late. but you are so cute at night and a good snuggler and you and papa and read a lot of books this way together, so there are worse sleep issues to have for now. i’d like a closer to 8 o’clock bedtime for you, but daylight savings is coming soon and eventually you won’t have this cold anymore and your molars will be in. it will all change soon enough anyway. so instead your papa and i just enjoy a little time with you being up and silly and sweet.

2015 09 26 twenty eight months

28 months

happy 28 months, my dear sweet toddler.




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