33 months

dear hugo,

i cut your hair. i was tired of all of the tangles and i wanted to get some kind of different hairstyle ready for your birthday photo in a few months. i cut it shorter than i wanted but it’s still pretty cute. you look so different! and too big all of a sudden.

2016 01 31 haircut

where’s your hair?

not that you aren’t acting too big anyway. if you need a snack you will tell me, “yes we [do have some] – i’ll show you!” then you drag a chair over to the counter and climb up and open the cabinet and get whatever it is you wanted. i am sort of appalled but also relieved. finally a child who can just serve himself, my goodness. you’re 9 yr old brother still doesn’t know how to do that (or rather, he’s too lazy do it).

2016 02 24 chippies.jpg

mama c’n-i eat your chips?

your play is bigger too. when we went to visit your cousins in pennsylvania recently, you and your cousin liam were inseparable. you played super hero and trucks and cars and you played house and kitchen and took care of babies. you play with gus and calum is many of their games. you join the kids in calum’s class for part of their routine (without being a distraction!) when i am helping the K2 kids check out books. you want to blow the bubbles all by yourself – and you do. you can even sit for a few turns of a board game. there is so much happening around you and you can’t wait to catch up.

2016 02 13 cousins.jpg

playing all the games

you are enjoying books more and more and are often asking papa for a “book and a snuggle.” then once you’re settled in, you’ll open the book and tap the page, “talk it!” you’ll demand. you like “ginger” and of course all of the byron barton books and a few other books about construction.

2016 02 20 nerds.jpg

new library books

you haven’t been napping so we haven’t been nursing in during the day much, but lately i think all that no sleep is catching up to you and you will demand a midday snuggle. if i try to pass on the mahnahs you have a tantrum. i think you still need a little down time, even if you don’t quite want to nap right now.

2016 02 04 gorilla watcher.jpg

gorilla watcher

papa had strep this month and that made you very concerned. you made papa snuggle you a lot and read you books and you checked on him a lot. you were very sweet. too sweet, though, i think, as papa ending up giving strep to you! you were miserable for the first day, but we figured it was probably strep pretty quickly and got your antibiotics right away. you HATED them. it was like giving a cat a bath three times a day for the first week, and then on the 8th day you took your doses without complaint. you make me crazy.

2016 02 28 sick hugo.jpg

fever cheeks

you had a blast at your visit with liam and you both were very sad when it was time to go. you made me laugh, though, when we got there and i took you to the bathroom to pee. “i frew up in dat toilet,” you said. it must have made a big impression over new year’s.

2016 02 26 thirty-three months.jpg

33 months

happy 33 months, my growing growing toddler.






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