34 months

dear hugo,

you have started to realize that you are growing and you are not sure how you feel about this. it’s a tricky thing. on the one hand, you are ready to be big and big and bigger, because that means you can play more games with the brothers and do more cool things. it means you are getting tall and taller and that makes you proud. but it also means that you are not a baby anymore and maybe you aren’t ready for that. you often ask me, “i am the baby, right?” “yes, you are,” i tell you, because of course you will always be my baby.

2016 02 28 sick snack.jpg

honey mustard chips and oj snack for the strep patient

even so, you continue to strive for things that the big kids do. you like to get things and do things for yourself. putting on a back pack and taking a lunch box places, getting out your shoes and coat (WINTER COAT, MAMA, even if the weather has decided to feel pleasant for a change). you can take your pants and underpants fully off, if they are not buttoned too tightly, and you can even sometimes pull them back up. you can take off your shirt and socks and sometimes, the opposite, pull on your shoes. you can get your own snacks out of my back or the cabinet (honestly, i love when you get your own snacks out of the cabinet because i am terribly lazy).

2016 03 17 quiet time.jpg

when it’s been too quiet for too long

you love to be read to, but you also love to read to yourself. if i am working and won’t read to you (oh WHY did you have to give up your nap so soon?!), you will sometimes sit next to me and declare, “FINE! i will read it MY-SELF.” and then of course it is impossible to work because i love listening to how you tell yourself the story.

2016 03 22 sick mama.jpg

snuggling with a sick mama

your pappy was here a few days to visit and to help us with yet another project. you, like your middle brother before you, absolutely delighted in helping out when you could. you found the work half fascinating and half painfully boring, which is actually a pretty accurate assessment of the project.

2016 03 02 construction is boring.jpg

movie break for the construction assistant

you, also like your middle brother before you, continue to w-sit with your legs. supposedly that’s not a big deal, but since your auntie used to sit like that and wound up with knees that make her a little crazy, i have been disinclined to let you or your brother sit like that when i can see it. you find it amusing that this bothers me, and you won’t put your legs into a more gentle position for your knees until you’ve gotten me to yell at you. as in, if i say, “fix your legs, hugo,” you will say, “YELL IT! FIX YO LEGS HUGO!” and will not comply until i do. similarly, if you have to use the potty, you sometimes tell me about it, but then encourage me to hustle you, “say ‘let’s go let’s go let’s go!’ mama!”. weirdo.

2016 03 20 ready egg?.jpg

dyeing eggs for spring!

you are learning how to be a pain in the butt from your brothers. all their obnoxious sayings and insults are absorbed by you like a sponge. your favorite is to you, “STOP COPYING ME!” which must be a real issue for the kindergartners this year, because it’s a favorite protestation you have picked up from calum.

2016 03 26 angry bear.jpg

when you couldn’t bunk with the big kids

this month we had an actual taste of spring – one weekend morning we went to brunch with friends at 9:30 and didn’t get home until almost dinner. it’s not that the winter was so cold but it’s been so very dreary. we’re trying to soak up any good weather that comes our way, and you are no exception. we haven’t been to the playground in ages, because it has been too rainy to do anything, and you’ve begun to preemptively tell me that we needn’t even bother to check the swings and slides because, “they are wet, mama.” please hurry, spring, we need more sunshine!

2016 03 26 thirty-four months.jpg

thirty-four months

happy 34 months, beautiful!







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