3 years old!

dear hugo,

this month you turned three. THREE. where did the time go? didn’t we have another so we could have one more baby? that baby is long, long gone. in his place is a wonderful little person who is so big and so brave and so strong (32.5 lbs, 38″). we are so lucky to have one last year old around.



you have been waiting and waiting for this birthday. it’s tough being not only the youngest but also the last birthday of the season (mama’s birthday in august so far from everyone else’s doesn’t count). you already knew all about birthdays and what to do and what happens. you knew that you wanted star wars cupcakes and to invite manu and zachary and jingle and wren and shona (and josie and anand, who were out of town). luckily manu and zachary and wren and shona came, so it wasn’t just you and jingle (a stuff dog). especially since at some point jingle was disinvited (poor jingle).





you had a great birthday, with birthday cereal (!) and presents (!) and ice cream (!) and a great birthday party (with games and guests and cupcakes and even a few silly presents)! three is so fun because you get so excited about everything. your brothers and friends were very sweet and you were quite pleased with all of the attention. you were rather disappointed when it wasn’t your birthday anymore, but honey, aren’t we all.



because you are three, you are not allowed a regular iPad time. this is THE BEST thing that ever happened to you. interestingly, because you are allowed to use the iPad now, you rarely sneak it (which is nice for papa and me). you can’t quite sit still playing it though, and frequently move about during your iPad time, which is pretty amazing. first you sit on the couch, then, still looking at the screen, you move to the floor. then the easy chair. then the couch again. i can’t tell what it is exactly that has you so antsy, but it’s very funny.



even though you love the iPad oh so very much, you are becoming interested in other things too. you really like coloring and gluing – especially glitter gluing – and many things in the house have been decorated. some of them even paper! i have to keep reminding you where you are allowed to use the colorful things, but it’s worth it to see you so occupied with a project, even if it’s just for a few minutes.



you’ve been going to “school” this past month and you mostly like it. it’s tough for you, honestly, to have me leave you there, although you do tend to be just fine once i’m gone. we talk about how i will always always come back, but even though you try to believe it, you are always immensely relieved to see me at the end of the time. it’s only for three hours – a perfect amount of time for me to get loads of work done – but it feels like so very long to you. it’s times like these that remind me just how little you are still. you are so so very big in many ways, but you still have a lot of growing left to do for sure.



you started nap again because sure why not. i think it has to do with the weather being warmer and the play being more outside and longer. but it makes for very interesting schedule planning. and evenings. it’s like that box of chocolates adage – i never know what we are going to get. sometimes you need the nap, you are so very tired, so i let you, and then papa and i pay the price that night at bedtime. sometimes you skip the nap with vigor and then crash early. sometimes we get a little bit in between. i’m eager for you to figure all of this out one way or another, but these things just take time, i know. anyway, you may as well nap a bit more going into the summer, it will help us stay out later and enjoy the long days and evenings.





you still love books and will bring one to papa for “snuggle and read a book” time most evenings. you try to get me to read to you while we’re signing books out to kids in calum’s K2 class (and calum often brings home books he thinks you will like too). you like to bring a bunch of books over to me when i’m trying to do something else. sometimes gus will read to you. and sometimes still you will look at books by yourself, with a very serious look of concentration on your face. like eating, i will never get tired of watching my kids reading.




you like to do everything that the brothers do and you like to know all of the things too. if i try to explain something, you tell me, “i know,” regardless of what it actually is. you still hate to get your teeth brush and you throw tantrums over weather appropriate pajamas and coats without pockets. you are crazy and unreasonable and completely impossible. you can get your pants down but not usually up and you get mostly get your shirts off but not on. boots you can manage but shoes are still tricky and forget about socks. you like taking baths, especially with bubbles, and you think showers are fun for standing in but not for cleaning. you eat most foods when you are hungry and carbs when you are not. you still snack for as many as – if not more than – actual regular meals that the rest of us eat. you are busy and clever and still into all of the things you should not be. at least we can take you out to eat now, as long as there is something there that you would like and the service is not too slow. you love to ride the try and wish we would ride bikes more. you love to swing at the playground too.



my love, you are going too fast but it’s a wild ride that papa and i are grateful to be taking with you. happy three!



love, always,





6 years old

dear calum,

6 years old! what a big year for you!



5 was not your easiest year (you are a stubborn little bugger! which both makes me proud and drives me crazy), but you had a lot of big accomplishments! i think it was tough still being at home for the first half of the year, but you really grew A LOT. your speech has made leaps and bounds in improvement! enough that we only kept your IEP just in case you had some regression over the summer or if you felt a little shy at school and could use the extra help. but it’s made a serious improvement in the way you interact with the world. where once you were shy to talk to new folks or even to express yourself sometimes at home, now you make new friends wherever you go! it’s beautiful and amazing to see.



the summer was a good time for you – there is nothing you three brothers love more than being together, and this summer was no exception. you learned to be more brave in the pool – jumping in to papa or nana and even swimming a little bit to the side or to the ladder. you were able to swim back and forth between two grownups too and you (and we) were very proud about it.





you grew a bit this year too (35 lbs, 41″)! we did go to see how things are going with your body – you are a really small fry – but your bones are just taking their time and you will eventually get there. it was good to hear that you don’t have any deficiencies in anything, you are just not a fast grower (like many other members of your immediate and extended family), and that is good to know. you have a killer smile for sure that more than makes up for your size.



the biggest news after your speech accomplishments is, of course, that you started kindergarten! FINALLY your big day! you got to ride the school bus and you were very excited. we followed behind and met you at school, and while you were a little nervous, you mostly were just very pleased to finally be there. your little uniform pretty much slays me. unlike your brother, you will actually wear button ups, and you are a very handsome and stylish guy. you came home every day for the first few weeks telling us all about your “NEW FRIEND!” until i think you knew everyone’s names in the class. your kindergarten teacher was both impressed and a little appalled at your comfort level at school and i am pretty sure she spent the first few weeks working on getting you to sit down and MYOB.



you do love school, though, and once you figured out the game you were quite good at it. because you are the middle child (and mostly because of your speech), you didn’t know any letters or numbers or oh, basically anything school-relevant, at all when we sent you, but you quickly picked most things right up! it was good that we kept your IEP because it helps with your being a little behind in your letters, especially. BUT YOU CAN READ!! we need to work on that more this summer but you are doing a great job. you will need some help in first grade too, but that’s what school is for! the best part is how much you are up to the challenge and not afraid to back down on things that seem trick at first. your papa and i are really proud of your hard work and progress. it’s been a big year for you.





you are getting better and better at soccer. you’re not the biggest or the strongest or the fastest, but it’s clear that you have the most heart out there. you are the most focused and you really play with a lot of passion. your footwork is getting better and boy if you keep that focus going, you are going to go far with anything you put your mind to!





you’ve been dying for swim lessons and it just keeps not quite working out for us. i am hoping that is something we can do this coming fall and/or winter. you love playing soccer and of course the iPad. your favorite shoes are the riders of berk, clone wars (sometimes), slugterra, and wild kratts. we got you caught up on all of the star wars movies this year in time for you to watch the force awakens and even though i think you don’t really have any idea at all what happened, you were HYPED to be there (so were we!!).



you are tough and stubborn and crazy-making and sweet and sensitive and our tenderheartedist little bear. we are teaching you not to back down from bullies (ahem, hugo) and you are teaching us to always be a lover. we are so lucky to have you in our lives!





2 years old

dear hugo,

you did it! you’re two! “um – DO!” you will say with some prompting. sometimes. you are nobody’s monkey.

and it’s great to be two, buddy! you are really your own person these days and don’t let anybody forget it! you have started to throw some epic tantrums, which are incredibly adorable, as you are the third baby and no one is afraid of tantrums anymore (sorry). but it takes a lot to make you well and truly angry and the tantrums are few and far between. and mostly stem from injustices wrought upon you by your older brothers who are honestly just trying not to get in your way. you are busy and wild and always in everyone’s business. and we all try to let you be involved as much as possible, but you are still a huge wrecking ball, so more often than not someone has to be working interference while everyone else is having a good time.

2015 04 27 sticks

collecting sticks for creek throwing

you are extremely put out that you can’t watch movies (wha-wha-while era’s! wug-tewa!). and then way you snuggle into the couch when it’s time for you to go to bed while the big kids get some screen time is so adorable that it’s tempting to let you watch for sure. but papa and i remain firm and this makes you very sad. but you are not totally deprived – you still get a handful of uptown funk viewings a week more than you probably should, so all is not completely lost.

you are always quick to steal a phone and i have found mine disabled for 4 minutes or more more than once. you’ve also chewed off the top lip of my phone cover. i am sure it’s still totally waterproof. little rabbit.

your hair is well below your shoulders now and long enough to wear it in a top knot on top of your head. it’s really my favorite look on you and will be difficult to part with. but now that you are 2 it has been promised that it will happen some day. but not today. not yet.

2015 05 03 mini golfer

mini golf

holding you in my arms now or seeing you stretched out on the bed – you are so long my baby boy! where did all these knees and elbows come from? every day you remind me a little bit more that you are a baby no longer (34.5″, 28 lbs!).

we had a few nights/mornings of bed wetting, when you were so sleepy that you forgot not to pee. i was able to get you quickly to the potty sometimes and then after a few more times, suddenly you got it completely and it hasn’t happened since. i always find potty learning so fascinating – what happens in little brains to make this click or not click? but whatever it was, we are already over it, and you almost never have an accident any more at all – when sleeping or otherwise. you still can’t quite get your pants off by yourself, so you still need help with that, but you are not able to hold it long enough to make it to a grown up who can help you almost every day.

2015 05 15 jumper


you continue to love all kinds of music. one of your new favorites is “i got bills” by lunch money lewis. but somehow you have gotten this song mashed up with “i don’t care i love it” by icona pop (I GOT BILLS – I WUV IT!). you’ve also mangled the words for shake it off -“shake a baff” – into a cross between a dance move and bath time.

you continue to demand to be considered one of the big kids. this includes running up to papa and yelling, “YOU WANNA FIGHT?” before throwing yourself at him.

you have words upon words upon words. there is almost nothing you will try to say now. it’s very cool to hear you participating in conversations. you are also absorbing everything are fascinated by everything. a lot of your day is spent telling or showing or asking us about something, “wookit DIS, mama!” you still say “mmm” for “i want”. as in, “mmm b’eckfiss, mama”.

2015 05 21 stitches


you’re very polite – you thank me for everything. plus the way you say it is fabulous, “thaaank YOU!” even when we switch sides during nursing you thank me. it’s very silly and sweet.

this month we gave calum a pedal bike that we got from a friend. you immediately determined that therefore the balance bike must be yours. and picked it up and proceeded to ride it. already you can lift up your feet.

you are very concerned about your brothers’ well being. when they get in trouble you always want to know if they are ok. if i am okay. “mama, yo ang-ee?” you ask me.

2015 05 23 top knot ii

top knots

the fun part about 2 is that i can still sometimes get you to do things by telling you not to do them. this is usually for getting you to pee before bed or nap time. i am amazed every time it works.

the other big news for this month is that you got stitches! we were talking to the bus stop and you tripped and hurt your kneed. i thought it was just a scrape, but when we got to the bus stop i saw that your whole pant leg was wet with blood. after some clean up, it seemed to me that there might be some glass that i could not get out, so we went to the pediatrician. he did not see any glass but thought you should have stitches. we went to children’s and oh what an adventure! you were mostly fine during the waiting – running and climbing and jumping as if everything as fine – but then got very sad when anyone touched your knee. first they put some numbing agent on the skin. then later they gave you some versed and a local anesthetic. the dr in the ER got the glass out and sent you for an x-ray. sure enough, there was still another piece of glass. we got that one out too and after another x-ray they stitched you up. children’s was brilliant and had a tv and an ipad for you and all of that really helped. the worst part was not eating for hours and hours. at the end you got a popsicle and a motorcycle (calum too, for waiting so patiently). it was a long day (we left for the pediatrician’s office a few minutes after getting home from the bus stop and got home just in time to pick up your biggest brother) but you really hung in there. i was proud of you both.

2015 05 26 birthday crown iv


happy, happy birthday, hugo!



5 years

dear calum,

this one snuck up on me a little bit. i mean, obviously i knew it was coming. you’ve been talking about your 5th birthday party since about two days after your 4th birthday party. your having a birthday has been on my mind most days for about 11 months. but five. for real, man, that’s getting up there in years.



it was your first really tough one. 3 was hard for your big brother and 4 was considerably better if not easy. but 3 was pretty ok for you. 4, not so much. your stubborn streak really came into its full glory this year. you are almost definitely willing to almost cut off your own nose to spite your face. it’s very trying. you were a pain in the butt. i am proud of your ability not to back down in the face of injustice and that will serve you well in about 20 years but i seriously can’t wait for this developmental phase to move up and out. one night you spent 45 minutes taking 1-2 minute breaks on the basement stairs because you weren’t interested in cleaning up some legos. it was only when i promised you that if you didn’t take this last chance to clean them up i would send you to bed without dinner and you would not get breakfast until you cleaned them up in the morning that you finally relented. and then it took you about 4 minutes to clean up, tops. stubborn.



you have also been working on your whining this year. there are a lot of “but i want..” in your arguments for why you should get to do or have things. it’s trying and wearing. and then you have a breakdown when i still say no. you are having a hard time learning how to say “may i please have” instead of “mama i want.” we talk about how your parents are not your servants and that we don’t wait around all day waiting for your orders, but so far it’s not sinking in.



eating with you is a real trial. you take FOREVER. you do end up eating pretty much everything you are asked – and believe me we give you reasonable, calum-sized proportions – but it takes all damn day. i’ve tried all of the things, snacks, no snacks, with chocolate chips, without, you choose, i choose. it doesn’t matter it all sucks. we’ve just whittled it down to what protein and fruit/vegetables you have to eat and then you can have whatever carbs you want pretty much and often we have to put on a timer to get the last bit finished. i’m not asking for the moon here, but you are exhausting. you will be hungry a lot this coming september, i am certain.



it’s not all narrow misses from being sold to the nearest traveling circus, though. you’re mostly really sweet to your baby brother. you are learning how to get along with your big brother. you took swim lessons this fall and really learned a lot! you started taking speech in october and you’re made huge amounts of progress in articulation and confidence. you learned how to count to 10 all on your own. you are really growing and becoming and funny and interesting person.



you are as big a star wars nerd as anyone in this family now and have even seen most of the movies. you do find them a little scary at times but not too scary to watch. you all have a star wars blaster and there are many imaginary star wars games played in and out of the house.



you’ve started to make your own friends. for the longest time you were just too shy, and i am guessing that your speech may have had something to do with it, but you will even sometimes introduce yourself to other children (usually with prompting, but i think you just need the extra little confidence boost). and you have friends you ask after and work hard at getting together with. for most of the year you liked the idea of seeing these friends more than the reality, but now at just 5 you have started to figure some things out.



like every child with the opportunity, you love the ipad. you especially like tiny thief, a sort of role playing game where you have to solve puzzles to complete quests, but you also like fighting games and sports games and mostly games you can play with gus. you get about an hour or so many days of the week while i work and hugo naps and then about 30 minutes on the weekends. a lot more time than i think is probably best, but i also feel like it’s your last few days of ipad glory before school starts in the fall, so i’m okay with it.



you like card games and board games a lot, and i am sorry that i don’t have more time to play them with you. you especially like sleeping queens and you will play just about any board game that you can. you really enjoy playing and you don’t seem to mind losing – as long as you get to play you really have a good time.



this winter was crazy. after awhile even you were sick of the snow. but for the longest time you really enjoyed climbing and jumping in the snow especially. we really suited up well and you didn’t seem to mind the cold – at least for a long time. it was hard, though, being cooped up inside so much. as soon as spring came and the snow finally melted, we were all so relieved to get back outside again.



your soccer skills really improved this fall. you’re still so small, but you work so hard. you needed papa to be with you a lot at practice, still, but you love to play a lot and you are always so excited to go.

2015 02 17 zoo snow ix


it was hard for you to be left behind this past year when school started. we did a few special things – boston nature center classes, swim classes and speech school – and for the first few weeks your wore your backpack everywhere and all of that helped. and you were so proud that you had so many schools! the winter ruined all of that except for speech school, but i think you are really going to be ready this fall. i can’t believe it is happening so soon!

2015 03 26 five


you’ve done so much growing this year (38.5″, 31.5 lbs!), calum! you were a challenge and crazy making, but you were also still a lover and a snuggler too. we’re all so lucky to have you, thanks for being you.



8 years

dear august,

you are 8 years old now. ohmygoodness. i know i say this every year. i will continue to say this every year. but 8 sounds so big (49″, 55.5 lbs!). you are in second grade now. that is no joke, my friend. it’s not kidding around anymore, you are in school. i know where the time went, i just can’t believe it went so quickly.

2014 03 24 eggs - hunted


but 8 suits you. you like school and you like second grade. you have a great teacher – ms kelley – and good para a good helper. you mostly behave well at school, although it is getting easier to lead you astray into goofing off or into just plain giggles. honestly, i have been waiting for this to happen for 2 whole school years, so i’m not very surprised. we talk about how it’s important to try to stay focused and not to get too distracted and not to be part of the problem. sometimes you try, sometimes you don’t. it’s okay. you are still only 8.

2014 04 28 august the barbarian


7 was an up and down year for you. a lot of this year, developmentally, is about drawing inward and spending a lot of time thinking about how you have been wronged about the world. which is a pretty amazing thing, actually. but not particularly amusing to live through as parent. oh the injustices you suffered! still i think you came out ahead overall, and we none of us are particularly worse for the wear.

2014 05 03 WUTE


you’ve become much more skilled at soccer this year. you focus more at practice and your coordination – always solid – is improving even more. you enjoyed watching the world cup this past summer very much and even play a FIFA world cup game on the iPad. you get into arguments about who is the best goalie now and who was the best goalie ever. you know stats and names and other things i have no interest or reference to at all. it’s fascinating to see what you absorb.

2014 06 08 morning story


you still love your friends. you are still close to lucas and you like to see ezra (and his wii, but also ezra himself, i was relieved to see) and you often report back about your somewhat fluid of best friends at school. they always have an acronym (usually everyone’s first initials) and there is always a theme of some sort, but it tends to be toby and himmer and angelo and jethro. other boys come and go as well. it’s interesting that only toby is in your classroom – i like seeing that you are able to maintain some friendships at school who are not in your room. you like have sleepovers and sleeping over.

2014 07 07 marshfellows


like most kids your age, you like eating pizza the most. you like ice cream and cake and think chocolate is ok. you like “classic chips” because i won’t buy you doritos and you will trade the snacks i send you in for the contraband you prefer at school. you will eat most things i feed you these days at dinner and breakfast and with minimal, though, so i don’t mind.

2014 08 28 august


you like the beach but only with friends, although you’ve really started to venture into the water more and have finally discovered the fun of sand castles. you enjoyed the very big snows that we had this year, helping with shoveling and scaling snow mounds and jumping off of porches. next year we may get you a snowboard as you’ve been attempting to use the sled in the same way. you are happiest when you are mobile, although you believe you are happiest holding the iPad.

2014 09 21 hay ride


you love to play clash of clans, lego star wars, plants vs zombies 2, and many other games with fighting and blasting. you still love star wars and clone wars and you delighted in showing the star wars movies to calum. you like watching the clone wars cartoons and you learned about slugterra from kids at school. calum likes it too.

2014 10 12 brothers


you are more into legos this year than you were last year, although you still like board and card games best if you can get someone to play them with you. you like reading a lot as well, and you have been devouring books (how to train your dragon, henry huggins, geronimo stilton) and graphic novels (owlsy, princeless, lunch lady books, the saga of rex, amulet, clone wars adventures and more) alike. you will even graciously read to both of your brothers from time to time and they love that too. sometimes you and i read the same books or graphic novels (sometimes i read things first to make sure they are okay for you) and it’s so fun to talk about the plots and characters with you.

2014 11 16 mirror mirror


you choose and make your own lunch in the morning 4 days a week (on fridays you get school pizza) and you and your brother have started choosing a meal about once a week for dinner. sometimes i have you help me make it too, something you find interesting and scary. but you are using a knife regular now and doing more brave things. maybe this summer i will finally get you a chance to start chopping things.

2014 12 07 brothers


your teachers remark about how thoughtful and kind you are to others at school and that is so good to hear. you are great with your brothers, but of course they make you crazy too (and you them).

2015 01 24 hoth iii


we are very proud of you, august, and we love you so much too. happy 8th birthday!

2015 02 14 birthday gus




18 months

oh my love,

18 months! a year and a half! remember how this used to be mama’s favorite age? and then you came along? and are the busiest stinker this side of 3? i can’t sit and think for a minute these days without you wreaking the most havoc available to your tiny hands.

2014 11 10 burrito baby

burrito eater

you had your first snow this month – or first that you can remember. you were quite awed. you loved sledding with your brothers and you refused your mittens. which repeatedly resulted in tears from the cold, cold snow. but oh how you wanted to touch it! but it was so cold! although i never look forward to new england winters, i do hope we get some more snow for you.

you had fun at thanksgiving too, with your great aunt nita and uncle adam here to visit. you tried many delicious foods and played and played.

2014 11 17 hugo


speaking of foods, you have decided that you love apples, and you frequently ask for them (appum! appum!). unlike your brothers, you prefer them whole, and slices don’t really interest you. you like most fruits, though, and even some vegetables. everything besides apples are “crackers”. and everything you drink is “wawa” and you love smoothie wawa the most.

now that you have proven that you can walk on your own, you feel like it’s okay to hold a finger sometimes. usually when going over slightly rough terrain or up and down curbs. i love holding your little hand, but you only want it for as long as you need it and share no sentimental feelings about it at all. indeed, when i make you hold my hand as we cross the street, you have been known to bend my pinky backwards. little charmer.

2014 11 25 autumn leaves ii

autmun leaving

you learned how to say “no” this month. or rather, “NO!”. even better is when you yell “NO! MINE!”. i’m sorry but it’s cute every time you shout that angrily. i don’t mean laugh, and i really do try not to laugh where you can see me, but angry toddlers really are just about the cutest thing.

you’re a kid who knows what he wants. “moohies?” i ask. “yeah!” you say. “bedtime?” “yeah!”. and then you give all of the smooches and we walk up to bed.


more cheeze please

you learned how to say “gun” this month too. at first i thought that maybe i was mishearing. but then you picked up the blaster (you each have a star wars blaster) and said “gun. gun, gun, GUN.” okay, then.


you are such a kid! although you still like the baby swing, you demand to sit on the big kid swings now too. and you can do it! we don’t push you so so high, but you are proud to sit up and hold on all by yourself. and then you just slide off when you’re finished, giving me a heart attack every time. you like to help with the dishwasher – putting dirty dishes in or taking clean dishes out. you’re not particular, you just like to give a hand. groceries too. goodness forbid a mama from letting you help put the groceries away.



it’s getting cooler but you don’t mind and you want to go outside every chance you get. “mmm yyy?” you ask “mmm yyy!!”. you will get your shoes “shoos!” or boots “boo-tee” and “coht” so we can go. and then heaven help me if i still have to get my own things on once you are ready. still, i love that you love to go for walks and play outside. i hope this winter cooperates with us!

you are growing growing growing, big kid: 33 1/2 inches long and 24 lbs 9 oz. No wonder you feel so heavy!

2014 11 26 ipad sneaker

18 months

happy 18 months, lovely you!



15 months

dearest texas ranger,


look, i know everyone is terrified of the day their children become mobile, but i love it. i love it when you begin to crawl and i love it even more when you begin to walk. not just because you are so much less frustrated now, but because a whole new world as opened up for you – and for me by association – and it’s such a wonderful one.


you climb everything

you started taking some steps right before we went on vacation for a week in vermont. and then you spend the entire trip just honing your craft. it was beautiful to watch. basically you spent any time that you could to walk just for the delight of it. sometimes you would walk in circle around the kitchen humming a little tune while you stretched your legs. sometimes you just lurched back and forth across the living room. otherwise you chose a target and then waddled headlong into someone’s legs for a bear hug. it was great! you also crashed out every night SO HARD from all the hard work of learning new things. you never did that monkey arms in the air thing (like august) or that zombie arms out thing (like calum), only the weird tuck your arms in like a dinosaur thing (starting at 00:21 this is almost exactly how you walk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4Eh-xpcJsY). almost a month later you are quite skilled. you can bend over or squat and pick up things. you can go up and down big stairs with some help and little stairs/obstacles with almost no help. you can even go quickly if you need to escape (you often need to escape). you still enjoy going in the wrap – for a time – but mostly you’d really like to walk there and please don’t hold your hand you don’t need it, mama!


happy birthday, mama!

you went to the pediatrician this month and now you weigh 23 lbs 8 oz (!) and you are 32″ long. my goodness! you are in size 18-24 months clothes and were a size 4-5 in shoes. mostly you just wear those little robeez slipper things or not shoes, because it’s warm and you’re just learning, but sometimes i put you in these adorable grownup sandals just for kicks. they are very cute but not good for a new walker just yet.


chilly VT

the other news for this month is that all of the rest of your teeth are coming in. at once. the bottom molars are making the most progress right now, but you have 6 other teeth on top of those that are budding. it’s making us miserable – between the teeth and the learning to walk, the end of this month has involved A LOT of night waking. you actually still remain a very cheerful guy, but mama is getting pretty wiped out. it will be nice to have these teeth in soon, i think.


even busy guys need naps

you’ve learned new words this month, including “poop”, which is an amazing first word. and you often use it to tell me when you’ve pooped or to ask me if i’m pooping when i’m in the bathroom. we also use it to see if you’ll sit on the potty. we’re not really trying to teach you how to use the toilet, you’re just naked it a lot and you telegraph your business pretty clearly, so we sometimes see if you will sit for it. you find this amusing and will often do so and it’s always pretty funny if it works. you are so pleased, even though you aren’t really sure what just happened.


cool guy

you say “cracker” too and “cat” and throw in other words here and there too. you listen to everything and repeat back A LOT. a lot is still hard to understand, but it’s getting clearer. and you are working hard at it.


15 months

it was a great month, my busy, growing fella. happy 15 months!