6 years old

dear calum,

6 years old! what a big year for you!



5 was not your easiest year (you are a stubborn little bugger! which both makes me proud and drives me crazy), but you had a lot of big accomplishments! i think it was tough still being at home for the first half of the year, but you really grew A LOT. your speech has made leaps and bounds in improvement! enough that we only kept your IEP just in case you had some regression over the summer or if you felt a little shy at school and could use the extra help. but it’s made a serious improvement in the way you interact with the world. where once you were shy to talk to new folks or even to express yourself sometimes at home, now you make new friends wherever you go! it’s beautiful and amazing to see.



the summer was a good time for you – there is nothing you three brothers love more than being together, and this summer was no exception. you learned to be more brave in the pool – jumping in to papa or nana and even swimming a little bit to the side or to the ladder. you were able to swim back and forth between two grownups too and you (and we) were very proud about it.





you grew a bit this year too (35 lbs, 41″)! we did go to see how things are going with your body – you are a really small fry – but your bones are just taking their time and you will eventually get there. it was good to hear that you don’t have any deficiencies in anything, you are just not a fast grower (like many other members of your immediate and extended family), and that is good to know. you have a killer smile for sure that more than makes up for your size.



the biggest news after your speech accomplishments is, of course, that you started kindergarten! FINALLY your big day! you got to ride the school bus and you were very excited. we followed behind and met you at school, and while you were a little nervous, you mostly were just very pleased to finally be there. your little uniform pretty much slays me. unlike your brother, you will actually wear button ups, and you are a very handsome and stylish guy. you came home every day for the first few weeks telling us all about your “NEW FRIEND!” until i think you knew everyone’s names in the class. your kindergarten teacher was both impressed and a little appalled at your comfort level at school and i am pretty sure she spent the first few weeks working on getting you to sit down and MYOB.



you do love school, though, and once you figured out the game you were quite good at it. because you are the middle child (and mostly because of your speech), you didn’t know any letters or numbers or oh, basically anything school-relevant, at all when we sent you, but you quickly picked most things right up! it was good that we kept your IEP because it helps with your being a little behind in your letters, especially. BUT YOU CAN READ!! we need to work on that more this summer but you are doing a great job. you will need some help in first grade too, but that’s what school is for! the best part is how much you are up to the challenge and not afraid to back down on things that seem trick at first. your papa and i are really proud of your hard work and progress. it’s been a big year for you.





you are getting better and better at soccer. you’re not the biggest or the strongest or the fastest, but it’s clear that you have the most heart out there. you are the most focused and you really play with a lot of passion. your footwork is getting better and boy if you keep that focus going, you are going to go far with anything you put your mind to!





you’ve been dying for swim lessons and it just keeps not quite working out for us. i am hoping that is something we can do this coming fall and/or winter. you love playing soccer and of course the iPad. your favorite shoes are the riders of berk, clone wars (sometimes), slugterra, and wild kratts. we got you caught up on all of the star wars movies this year in time for you to watch the force awakens and even though i think you don’t really have any idea at all what happened, you were HYPED to be there (so were we!!).



you are tough and stubborn and crazy-making and sweet and sensitive and our tenderheartedist little bear. we are teaching you not to back down from bullies (ahem, hugo) and you are teaching us to always be a lover. we are so lucky to have you in our lives!






34 months

dear hugo,

you have started to realize that you are growing and you are not sure how you feel about this. it’s a tricky thing. on the one hand, you are ready to be big and big and bigger, because that means you can play more games with the brothers and do more cool things. it means you are getting tall and taller and that makes you proud. but it also means that you are not a baby anymore and maybe you aren’t ready for that. you often ask me, “i am the baby, right?” “yes, you are,” i tell you, because of course you will always be my baby.

2016 02 28 sick snack.jpg

honey mustard chips and oj snack for the strep patient

even so, you continue to strive for things that the big kids do. you like to get things and do things for yourself. putting on a back pack and taking a lunch box places, getting out your shoes and coat (WINTER COAT, MAMA, even if the weather has decided to feel pleasant for a change). you can take your pants and underpants fully off, if they are not buttoned too tightly, and you can even sometimes pull them back up. you can take off your shirt and socks and sometimes, the opposite, pull on your shoes. you can get your own snacks out of my back or the cabinet (honestly, i love when you get your own snacks out of the cabinet because i am terribly lazy).

2016 03 17 quiet time.jpg

when it’s been too quiet for too long

you love to be read to, but you also love to read to yourself. if i am working and won’t read to you (oh WHY did you have to give up your nap so soon?!), you will sometimes sit next to me and declare, “FINE! i will read it MY-SELF.” and then of course it is impossible to work because i love listening to how you tell yourself the story.

2016 03 22 sick mama.jpg

snuggling with a sick mama

your pappy was here a few days to visit and to help us with yet another project. you, like your middle brother before you, absolutely delighted in helping out when you could. you found the work half fascinating and half painfully boring, which is actually a pretty accurate assessment of the project.

2016 03 02 construction is boring.jpg

movie break for the construction assistant

you, also like your middle brother before you, continue to w-sit with your legs. supposedly that’s not a big deal, but since your auntie used to sit like that and wound up with knees that make her a little crazy, i have been disinclined to let you or your brother sit like that when i can see it. you find it amusing that this bothers me, and you won’t put your legs into a more gentle position for your knees until you’ve gotten me to yell at you. as in, if i say, “fix your legs, hugo,” you will say, “YELL IT! FIX YO LEGS HUGO!” and will not comply until i do. similarly, if you have to use the potty, you sometimes tell me about it, but then encourage me to hustle you, “say ‘let’s go let’s go let’s go!’ mama!”. weirdo.

2016 03 20 ready egg?.jpg

dyeing eggs for spring!

you are learning how to be a pain in the butt from your brothers. all their obnoxious sayings and insults are absorbed by you like a sponge. your favorite is to you, “STOP COPYING ME!” which must be a real issue for the kindergartners this year, because it’s a favorite protestation you have picked up from calum.

2016 03 26 angry bear.jpg

when you couldn’t bunk with the big kids

this month we had an actual taste of spring – one weekend morning we went to brunch with friends at 9:30 and didn’t get home until almost dinner. it’s not that the winter was so cold but it’s been so very dreary. we’re trying to soak up any good weather that comes our way, and you are no exception. we haven’t been to the playground in ages, because it has been too rainy to do anything, and you’ve begun to preemptively tell me that we needn’t even bother to check the swings and slides because, “they are wet, mama.” please hurry, spring, we need more sunshine!

2016 03 26 thirty-four months.jpg

thirty-four months

happy 34 months, beautiful!






33 months

dear hugo,

i cut your hair. i was tired of all of the tangles and i wanted to get some kind of different hairstyle ready for your birthday photo in a few months. i cut it shorter than i wanted but it’s still pretty cute. you look so different! and too big all of a sudden.

2016 01 31 haircut

where’s your hair?

not that you aren’t acting too big anyway. if you need a snack you will tell me, “yes we [do have some] – i’ll show you!” then you drag a chair over to the counter and climb up and open the cabinet and get whatever it is you wanted. i am sort of appalled but also relieved. finally a child who can just serve himself, my goodness. you’re 9 yr old brother still doesn’t know how to do that (or rather, he’s too lazy do it).

2016 02 24 chippies.jpg

mama c’n-i eat your chips?

your play is bigger too. when we went to visit your cousins in pennsylvania recently, you and your cousin liam were inseparable. you played super hero and trucks and cars and you played house and kitchen and took care of babies. you play with gus and calum is many of their games. you join the kids in calum’s class for part of their routine (without being a distraction!) when i am helping the K2 kids check out books. you want to blow the bubbles all by yourself – and you do. you can even sit for a few turns of a board game. there is so much happening around you and you can’t wait to catch up.

2016 02 13 cousins.jpg

playing all the games

you are enjoying books more and more and are often asking papa for a “book and a snuggle.” then once you’re settled in, you’ll open the book and tap the page, “talk it!” you’ll demand. you like “ginger” and of course all of the byron barton books and a few other books about construction.

2016 02 20 nerds.jpg

new library books

you haven’t been napping so we haven’t been nursing in during the day much, but lately i think all that no sleep is catching up to you and you will demand a midday snuggle. if i try to pass on the mahnahs you have a tantrum. i think you still need a little down time, even if you don’t quite want to nap right now.

2016 02 04 gorilla watcher.jpg

gorilla watcher

papa had strep this month and that made you very concerned. you made papa snuggle you a lot and read you books and you checked on him a lot. you were very sweet. too sweet, though, i think, as papa ending up giving strep to you! you were miserable for the first day, but we figured it was probably strep pretty quickly and got your antibiotics right away. you HATED them. it was like giving a cat a bath three times a day for the first week, and then on the 8th day you took your doses without complaint. you make me crazy.

2016 02 28 sick hugo.jpg

fever cheeks

you had a blast at your visit with liam and you both were very sad when it was time to go. you made me laugh, though, when we got there and i took you to the bathroom to pee. “i frew up in dat toilet,” you said. it must have made a big impression over new year’s.

2016 02 26 thirty-three months.jpg

33 months

happy 33 months, my growing growing toddler.






dear august,

this year you turned 9 years old. your last single digit year of your life. wow. two years away from middle school (didn’t you just start kindergarten?). halfway out of the house (weren’t you just born?). i can hardly believe we’re here already. if you could just please slow things down.

2015 03 22 gus sunglasses.jpgmarch

being 8 was a pretty good year for us. rather pleasant, in fact, for the first time in a great long time (oh, since you were 2 i would say). it’s not that you have been awful forever, but your other ages were very challenging in ways that 8 was not, and it was nice to enjoy you more often than otherwise this past year. whatever it is about 8, it seemed to be a break for you from always coming up against everything else going on, and that made it generally more endurable for everyone around you. of course you had your bad days, we all, do, but overall, 8 was pretty mild as far as growing pains go.

2015 04 18 gus.jpg


you started your first season of travel team this past fall and you loved it. your team was not particularly good. in fact, i think it would be fair to say that some of your teammates were in fact quite terrible, significantly impacting your team’s record. you were very philosophical about this and really seemed to grasp that while it is definitely fun to win, the most important part at this point is to have fun and to give everyone a turn to play. while you certainly wished that some of your teammates were a little more skilled, you didn’t ever begrudge them the same opportunities to be on the field that you had, even if it might mean a better chance of a win.

2015 05 26 birthday kitchen ii.jpg


you enjoy playing goalie and you do pretty well, although eventually you really would prefer to get out there and in on the action. you are a bit, as papa calls you (and as we have heard you call yourself), “uncoachable” – meaning that once on the field, you tend to do what makes the most sense to you, not what someone may be advising from the side. if ever there was a league to thrive like this, you have found it. and a good thing, too, as it has fostered a strong confident and creative streak in you, that you can really see when you play. you are brave and strong and go after the ball as if you know exactly what will happen once you get to it. and sometimes that is even true! i don’t watch you play much – partly scheduling from needing a break – but every time i see you play i am more impressed than the last time. you’re getting better and better by leaps and bounds, growing into yourself as a player and into your passion for the game.

2015 06 27 sparkler august.jpg


you seem to still like school. you remain fairly quiet and reserved, which makes your teacher crazy, and she spent a good portion of the year trying to get to know you. you were very tolerant of this, if not enthused by her interest, and eventually rewarded her with a soccer story or too and she was thrilled. you enjoy the kids at your school (mostly max, angelo, rye, and jethro) and enjoy meeting up with kids after school on the play area (you often play this game that involves throwing a kickball against the side of the school and trying to catch it. it doesn’t sound very exciting but you and many kids on the playground love it). you still want me to come to school events and be your chaperone and of course i go every time i possibly can. some of the kids are already mortified by their parents and i’ll take your wanting me around as long as possible.

2015 07 20 time for music.jpg


you still love hanging out with lucas and eamon and anand and euan. you love seeing graham when we get together with those friends and you occasionally still see old friends (like simi or ezra) around the neighborhood. you love playing soccer with friends the most, but you’ve all also started inventing complicated-seeming games of tag and catch and other things that involved rock-papers-scissors and healers and referees and i don’t know what else. but when we get together with friends, all you children sneak away somewhere and are not seen until we demand you come and eat something (and even then you straggle). if you have conflicts, you seem to work them out with each other fairly easily. you are all very different from each other these days, but because of time and familiarity have forged ways for meeting in the middle quite happily. it’s lovely to see you with these old, old friends.

2015 08 08 august.jpg


you love soccer, but you also love reading. you occasionally will write up complicated programs? stories? flow charts? something on paper that you and calum will discussion in great detail. you still don’t love crafts, but will consent to doing the occasional art project here or there, particularly if it involves star wars. you still love star wars, the dragons of berk, and occasionally slugterra. you complain about having to watch wild kratts when it is calum’s night to choose but you watch it (and enjoy it) anyway. you love playing games on the iPad, including clash of clans and lego star wars, but these days you play a lot of fifa and occasionally madden football and a few other sports games here and there. you will play wii all day when you can get it and are impatiently waiting for the discussion about whether or not the family can purchase our own once hugo turns 4. you like riding your bike and playing on the playground, although some days you are just as likely to walk around talking with lucas as you to play an active game.

2015 09 10 cal first day of school iii.jpg


you love reading books and would read at every meal if we left you. your favorites are graphic novels but you like chapter books too. mostly you like fantasy and sci-fi – wizards, magic, jedi, dragon, zombies etc, but you will read just about anything i bring home if it’s new. you will re-read also, if there is nothing else. we’ve hard to start roaming far afield from our little library, since you’ve read just about everything there. you bring home your scholastic book order forms with your desires circled and i do my best to order them from the library for you.

2015 10 31 skeleton warrier iv.jpg


although you would prefer not to be, you are helpful around the house. you put your clothes away, put your dishes away, help unload the dishwasher when asked, clean almost the entire downstairs bathroom by yourself, make your own lunch, help clean up after your brother(s), and carry the laundry up and/or downstairs for me. you can be trusted – mostly – to keep an eye on hugo in the backyard and are good at walking calum home from the bus safely. you can go the the playground with calum or by yourself and you can walk around the block to get a ball that’s been accidentally kicked over the fence into our diagonally-adjacent neighbor’s yard.

2015 11 29 marshmallows.jpg


this year you’ve gotten really into music as well. we got an old iPhone 4 for you and you are allowed to listen to spotify on it (and use it to take weirdo photos/vidoes of your brothers). you love listening to minecraft pop song parodies and making spotify playlists. there have been many an evening papa tried to listen to spotify on his own phone on the way home from work only to find that you’d already commandeered it.

2015 12 19 candyland tournament ii.jpg


although you have a lot of conflict with calum, you love your brothers and they love you. they make you crazy but you also are always organizing them into some kind of activity – usually football in your room in the winter and then some kind of sports game in the backyard. hugo often foils your plans by being 2 but calum is almost always willing. it’s tough when you fight, but more often than not, you seem to at least try go get along. when you want to be rid of them, you will bury your nose in a book, which is infuriating to calum. but big brothers need a break sometimes too.

2016 01 02 papa snugglers.jpg


it’s been a busy but wonderful year. i’m so proud of how you are growing. happy 9th birthday.

2016 02 14 august 9 iv.jpg








32 months

dear hugo,

happy new year!

2016 01 04 crazy hugo

gumband face

we had plans to ring in the new year with your aunt and uncle and cousins, but you threw up on the way to their house, eat a bunch of dinner, played your heart out and then threw up again first thing in the morning. we were sad to leave but we didn’t want to get anyone else sick. good thing too, as you and your brothers were then sick for the next 10 days (sheesh).

2016 01 06 birthday pops.jpg

birthday papa

we did still managed to have a nice visit with nana and grandpa, though, at the tail end of your collectiveness sicknesses and neither of them got sick, whew!

it was an up and down month, lots of snot after all the intestinal distress and lots of strange weather. we spent the month catching up on everything we didn’t get down preparing for the holidays in december and it went by pretty fast.

2016 01 25 arboreturm.jpg

snowy day

you are talking talking talking and saying very funny things, like “one, two, let’er wip” and then jumping off of a table or bench or rock at the playground. who taught you that? one of the brothers, probably.

2016 01 14 penguins.jpg

penguin house

my favorite of your expressions is when you tell me how you are “thinking” about something. like the other day in the grocery store when i was telling you we were buying marshmallows for dessert that weekend.

“are we gon’ make s’mores?”

“not this time. this time we’re going to dip the marshmallows in chocolate”

“mama, i fink da choc’lit’s gon’ be good!”

we are also talking about you need to be more gentle about the way you handle things in general, like putting the toilet seat down or getting my attention. you seem to take it seriously and have been asking me lately, “was it gen-tually, mama?” the answer is usually still no, but at least you are trying!

2016 01 19 selfie.jpg

hugo selfie

you are also starting to make an amazing case for why you should be able to nurse. i think when you are bored you think it’s time to nurse but when i say no it makes you very frustrated so you start to cry. although i feel bad that you are sad, if it’s not time to nurse, it’s not time to nurse, so i still tell you know. you have begun countering with “BUT I C’YING I WANT MAHNAHS!” it’s a fantastic analytical argument for a 2 1/2 yr old but the answer is still no, buddy.


happy 32 months, my big kid! i can’t believe how much you are growing growing growing!

2016 01 26 thirty-two months ii.jpg

32 months



31 months

dear hugo,

the saddest thing that happened in at the end of last month was the death of our steelers zombie.  you and grandpa were out in the front “yard” (such as it is) playing around as you love to do, and for reasons i cannot explain, you decided to throw the zombie over the fence, shattering the poor fellow. you were surprised. i was disappointed. the funny news is that pappy game me a present “from hugo” over Christmas and guess what it was! a new steelers zombie! so all is right in the front yard again.

you had fun helping your brothers choose a tree this year and even more fun decorating it. unlike last year, we did not have to leave the entire first 2-3 feet of the tree bare of ornaments, although we did have to talk a lot about NOT. TOUCHING. ALL THE THINGS. we put the breakable ones up high and mostly you left things alone. when we finished you told me, “mama, that’s too pretty!” it was, hugo, it was.

2015 12 22 happy solstice

season’s greetings from the death star

every year as we count down to solstice we do a few different things. one of them is lighting a candle on our yule log and reading a poem every night. this was the first year that you really began to understand what we are doing and you were very excited to turn out the light so we could do the ritual and you were quite delighted to yell out, “WELCOME, YULE!” at the end of every poem. it’s so fun to see you getting involved in the traditions too.

we also open boxes and a chocolate calendar and you did an ok job of taking turns. you were pretty mad about every day that was not your day for chocolate, but you handled it as well as a 2 yr old can (not too badly). in fact, it was really lovely going and doing winter things with you and your brothers – we have a bunch of different traditions now (cookie exchange, zoo lights, special holiday movies, putting up the lights, etc) and you participated in them all with delight and wonder.

2015 12 21 carousel rider

he loves it

we went to sturbridge village for their Christmas by candlelight celebration this year for the first time and you thought that was just great. they had a horse drawn wagon ride that we rode twice – you loved it – and a model train display that you cried like your heart was broken when we left. the brothers liked it a lot too – maybe a new tradition in the making.

we had an adventure on the way to grandma and pappy’s this year – pouring rain and a flat tire (causing us to miss a meetup with friends from LA!) and somehow you also lost one of your shoes somewhere in pennsylvania. still you and the brothers did really well in the car, even with all of the craziness.

2015 12 23 shoe loser

rip adorable shoe

of course we had a fantastic holiday with all of your aunts and uncles and cousins (including a surprise visit from nana and grandpa!). you enjoyed spending time with everyone as much as opening presents. this year many of mama’s cousins and their kids were in town from all over and that was a special treat, seeing all of you great-grandchildren together for the first time. you also really, really enjoyed seeing chewie, too!

you’re growing and changing so much! i think your eyes are solidly hazel now – green sometimes, copper sometimes, sometimes a little of both. they are beautiful.

you are talking SO MUCH about SO. MANY. THINGS. when you are nursing you tell me things about it, “it’s coming! there’s more. that one’s empty.” you tell me “i love you too” (first – you believe that i say “i love you” and you say “i love you too” but you don’t believe there is a particular order to that exchange). you will tell me when somethings hurts – your body or your feelings – and ask for hug-oo. you’re very aware of the world around you and very sweet.

2015 12 07 ice ii

little sprouts ice experiment

you are learning all kinds of other things too – you can actually recite your numbers up to about 12, although you usually miss one around 4-5- 6. you like pretending games, like “dis my coffee!” and then you pretend to drink it. or you make us something to “eat” and we pretend to eat it. you are very silly and it’s fun to see what you come up with next.

you get songs stuck in your head and you sing phrases of them over and over. this month in particular it was “peace like a river in my soul” from Calum’s winter concert, but it is just as often a random pop song.

2015 12 02 hugo iii.jpg

silly guy

i realized this month that the reason you are so attached to specific outerwear of yours depending on whether or not the coat/jacket/vest has pockets. it’s been a crazy winter season, alternating too warm and too cold, and so at first i thought you just didn’t believe me about the temperature. but it turns out when i was trying to dress you in lighter jacket on warm days and you were angry and wanted to wear your winter coat it was because you wanted pockets not because you cared about the winter jacket at all. oh, baby.

you’ve started to drop your nap this month. right after i explained to papa that you still needed to sleep in the afternoon you just stopped. well that will show me i guess. it’s nice for putting you to bed, but everything else is a mess right now. well, another phase we’re working through. nap dropping is not my favorite but the early bed time is not the worst.

2015 12 26 thirty one months

31 months

happy 31 months, baby!




30 months

dear hugo,

2 1/2! weren’t you supposed to be my baby? almost none of that is left now. sure you’re still a wee little guy with lots to grow, yet, but you’re rapidly becoming one of the gang. there’s hardly a game that the brothers play that you can’t figure out a way to be a part of. board and card games are still out of your league, but even there you can hang, if briefly. you know how to kick and jump and wrestle and throw, you so pretty much can manage to be on at least the periphery of almost everything. it’s pretty amazing kiddo, even as it is a tiny bit heartbreaking to see you move up and on so fast. just wow, buddy.

2015 11 09 brothers

sometimes calum sneaks in for late night snuggles

you continue to love books, and this month it seems to be “what makes a rainbow” in particular. a book where a little bunny asks all his bug and animal friends about what makes a rainbow and they each tell him another color. i don’t know what exactly appeals to you about the book, but you are drawn to it over and over again, asking “what makes a rainbow, little bunny?”

it was halloween at the beginning of this month and you think dressing up and getting free candy is pretty neat. you love being outside in the dark and you even like wearing your costume.

2015 10 31 pappy and grandma ii

you told everyone you were a clone trooper

i didn’t know what to expect from daylight savings, but it didn’t seem to affect you much at all. i guess that’s good but it means mama and papa didn’t get any fabled extra hour of sleep at all, and that’s no fun. the getting darker earlier means we are out in the dark more, though, which means you get to see your friend the moon more often. “oh!” you will stop and point and gasp with delight, “dere’s dah moon!” since i like being outside at night too, it’s fun to have an extra reason to take you with me.

in fact, i have needed to feed the neighbors’ cat quite a few times this month and you have come with me. it takes twice as long when you go with me, but it’s a nice way to get you out of the house for a little walk after dinner, for you to see the moon, and for both of us to get a little bit of extra fresh air. you are extra talkative on these walks, maybe because you are tickled to be outside in the dark, and you make feeding the cat extra cute. we talk about the things we see (the moon, dogs, sometimes different neighbors, the colors of the cars we pass) and the things on your mind (which could be just about anything). you like to walk on walls and curbs that we pass and to jump on and off of steps (one of the reasons it takes us so long). at one point on the walk we pass a wild apple tree from which you like to kick fallen apples into the street. we will be really sad when that tree is out of apples.

2015 11 10 i'm hiding

you can’t find me!

you had a cold this month that started off with a fever. your brothers had various minor illnesses as well, including some wild hives on August that ended up being related to the strep he and Calum (but not you) had. it’s that time of year again. sigh.

you are learning how to get your pants on and off when you have to use the potty (when you have to pyoop, as you say it). it’s tricky getting them back on, but depending on the pants, sometimes you are actually able to do it. nothing is easier than going totally without, though, so that is the option you most frequently choose (and who can blame you, really).


2015 11 02 big kid

so big so fast

you have started yelling after you ask for something nicely but are denied: “mama can i have mahnahs, please?”

“in a minute, i am a cooking dinner.”


luckily you are the third baby so this is more adorable than it would have been in the first brother. also, surprise, it doesn’t get you what you want.

you have started detouring into the front yard to sit on the gas meter whenever we arrive home and are all going into the house. it’s mildly annoying, since you are really two small to be left outside unattended and since you used to just go right up the stairs with everyone. at the same time it is hilarious and adorable.


2015 11 07 secret spot

special spot

i use my glasses all of the time now for reading a book or using the computer, so frequently when we go up to nurse for your nap i take them with me. because you are the best, you also want to bring your own umglasses and book (or “computer”), which means i have been nursing you in shades a lot lately. i always forget and then i look down to see if you are asleep and instead see you in sunglasses. it is funny every time.

you enjoyed thanksgiving this month, too, although the concept of cooking food all day and then eating is still a bit out there for you. you ate some of the dinner but mostly you were just delighted to have your grandparents and uncle adam here (we missed aunt nita this year!). it was beautiful weather, so we were able to get around boston a little bit too, which you always enjoy (riding the train!).

2015 11 26 dinner


weirdly you have revealed to us this month that you don’t like peanut butter. you have picked nuts out of things for awhile but it seems you don’t like them smashed, either. you will eat sunflower butter, though, which is good, but you will reject a peanut butter sandwich immediately upon learning what it is without trying it. this doesn’t seem to extend to peanut butter cookies, though, which means you are not a total weirdo.

you still like to watch trucks and you will stop whatever activity you are doing to rush to see the garbage or recycling truck out of the front windows. you will point out excavators and front loaders and cranes when we see them out and about and you still like books with pictures of the same. in fact, you chose a “things that go” richard scarry book from the library recently and then had a total breakdown when gus was reading it. i feel like we need to work some more on sharing, but it WAS pretty adorable. you really liked that book.

2015 11 24 coloring



you are getting into drawing – probably because calum is drawing more things at home these days and you like to do all things that the brothers do – and you will frequently ask papa or me to draw something for you. often it is “draw mama and papa” and i will draw stick figures (one with curls, one with a beard) and then you will scribble over them and report, “i draw mama papa inna shower.” or occasionally, “inna rain.” ok, weirdo.

happy 2 1/2 years, big kid!

2015 11 26 thirty months iii

30 months