31 months

dear hugo,

the saddest thing that happened in at the end of last month was the death of our steelers zombie.  you and grandpa were out in the front “yard” (such as it is) playing around as you love to do, and for reasons i cannot explain, you decided to throw the zombie over the fence, shattering the poor fellow. you were surprised. i was disappointed. the funny news is that pappy game me a present “from hugo” over Christmas and guess what it was! a new steelers zombie! so all is right in the front yard again.

you had fun helping your brothers choose a tree this year and even more fun decorating it. unlike last year, we did not have to leave the entire first 2-3 feet of the tree bare of ornaments, although we did have to talk a lot about NOT. TOUCHING. ALL THE THINGS. we put the breakable ones up high and mostly you left things alone. when we finished you told me, “mama, that’s too pretty!” it was, hugo, it was.

2015 12 22 happy solstice

season’s greetings from the death star

every year as we count down to solstice we do a few different things. one of them is lighting a candle on our yule log and reading a poem every night. this was the first year that you really began to understand what we are doing and you were very excited to turn out the light so we could do the ritual and you were quite delighted to yell out, “WELCOME, YULE!” at the end of every poem. it’s so fun to see you getting involved in the traditions too.

we also open boxes and a chocolate calendar and you did an ok job of taking turns. you were pretty mad about every day that was not your day for chocolate, but you handled it as well as a 2 yr old can (not too badly). in fact, it was really lovely going and doing winter things with you and your brothers – we have a bunch of different traditions now (cookie exchange, zoo lights, special holiday movies, putting up the lights, etc) and you participated in them all with delight and wonder.

2015 12 21 carousel rider

he loves it

we went to sturbridge village for their Christmas by candlelight celebration this year for the first time and you thought that was just great. they had a horse drawn wagon ride that we rode twice – you loved it – and a model train display that you cried like your heart was broken when we left. the brothers liked it a lot too – maybe a new tradition in the making.

we had an adventure on the way to grandma and pappy’s this year – pouring rain and a flat tire (causing us to miss a meetup with friends from LA!) and somehow you also lost one of your shoes somewhere in pennsylvania. still you and the brothers did really well in the car, even with all of the craziness.

2015 12 23 shoe loser

rip adorable shoe

of course we had a fantastic holiday with all of your aunts and uncles and cousins (including a surprise visit from nana and grandpa!). you enjoyed spending time with everyone as much as opening presents. this year many of mama’s cousins and their kids were in town from all over and that was a special treat, seeing all of you great-grandchildren together for the first time. you also really, really enjoyed seeing chewie, too!

you’re growing and changing so much! i think your eyes are solidly hazel now – green sometimes, copper sometimes, sometimes a little of both. they are beautiful.

you are talking SO MUCH about SO. MANY. THINGS. when you are nursing you tell me things about it, “it’s coming! there’s more. that one’s empty.” you tell me “i love you too” (first – you believe that i say “i love you” and you say “i love you too” but you don’t believe there is a particular order to that exchange). you will tell me when somethings hurts – your body or your feelings – and ask for hug-oo. you’re very aware of the world around you and very sweet.

2015 12 07 ice ii

little sprouts ice experiment

you are learning all kinds of other things too – you can actually recite your numbers up to about 12, although you usually miss one around 4-5- 6. you like pretending games, like “dis my coffee!” and then you pretend to drink it. or you make us something to “eat” and we pretend to eat it. you are very silly and it’s fun to see what you come up with next.

you get songs stuck in your head and you sing phrases of them over and over. this month in particular it was “peace like a river in my soul” from Calum’s winter concert, but it is just as often a random pop song.

2015 12 02 hugo iii.jpg

silly guy

i realized this month that the reason you are so attached to specific outerwear of yours depending on whether or not the coat/jacket/vest has pockets. it’s been a crazy winter season, alternating too warm and too cold, and so at first i thought you just didn’t believe me about the temperature. but it turns out when i was trying to dress you in lighter jacket on warm days and you were angry and wanted to wear your winter coat it was because you wanted pockets not because you cared about the winter jacket at all. oh, baby.

you’ve started to drop your nap this month. right after i explained to papa that you still needed to sleep in the afternoon you just stopped. well that will show me i guess. it’s nice for putting you to bed, but everything else is a mess right now. well, another phase we’re working through. nap dropping is not my favorite but the early bed time is not the worst.

2015 12 26 thirty one months

31 months

happy 31 months, baby!





30 months

dear hugo,

2 1/2! weren’t you supposed to be my baby? almost none of that is left now. sure you’re still a wee little guy with lots to grow, yet, but you’re rapidly becoming one of the gang. there’s hardly a game that the brothers play that you can’t figure out a way to be a part of. board and card games are still out of your league, but even there you can hang, if briefly. you know how to kick and jump and wrestle and throw, you so pretty much can manage to be on at least the periphery of almost everything. it’s pretty amazing kiddo, even as it is a tiny bit heartbreaking to see you move up and on so fast. just wow, buddy.

2015 11 09 brothers

sometimes calum sneaks in for late night snuggles

you continue to love books, and this month it seems to be “what makes a rainbow” in particular. a book where a little bunny asks all his bug and animal friends about what makes a rainbow and they each tell him another color. i don’t know what exactly appeals to you about the book, but you are drawn to it over and over again, asking “what makes a rainbow, little bunny?”

it was halloween at the beginning of this month and you think dressing up and getting free candy is pretty neat. you love being outside in the dark and you even like wearing your costume.

2015 10 31 pappy and grandma ii

you told everyone you were a clone trooper

i didn’t know what to expect from daylight savings, but it didn’t seem to affect you much at all. i guess that’s good but it means mama and papa didn’t get any fabled extra hour of sleep at all, and that’s no fun. the getting darker earlier means we are out in the dark more, though, which means you get to see your friend the moon more often. “oh!” you will stop and point and gasp with delight, “dere’s dah moon!” since i like being outside at night too, it’s fun to have an extra reason to take you with me.

in fact, i have needed to feed the neighbors’ cat quite a few times this month and you have come with me. it takes twice as long when you go with me, but it’s a nice way to get you out of the house for a little walk after dinner, for you to see the moon, and for both of us to get a little bit of extra fresh air. you are extra talkative on these walks, maybe because you are tickled to be outside in the dark, and you make feeding the cat extra cute. we talk about the things we see (the moon, dogs, sometimes different neighbors, the colors of the cars we pass) and the things on your mind (which could be just about anything). you like to walk on walls and curbs that we pass and to jump on and off of steps (one of the reasons it takes us so long). at one point on the walk we pass a wild apple tree from which you like to kick fallen apples into the street. we will be really sad when that tree is out of apples.

2015 11 10 i'm hiding

you can’t find me!

you had a cold this month that started off with a fever. your brothers had various minor illnesses as well, including some wild hives on August that ended up being related to the strep he and Calum (but not you) had. it’s that time of year again. sigh.

you are learning how to get your pants on and off when you have to use the potty (when you have to pyoop, as you say it). it’s tricky getting them back on, but depending on the pants, sometimes you are actually able to do it. nothing is easier than going totally without, though, so that is the option you most frequently choose (and who can blame you, really).


2015 11 02 big kid

so big so fast

you have started yelling after you ask for something nicely but are denied: “mama can i have mahnahs, please?”

“in a minute, i am a cooking dinner.”


luckily you are the third baby so this is more adorable than it would have been in the first brother. also, surprise, it doesn’t get you what you want.

you have started detouring into the front yard to sit on the gas meter whenever we arrive home and are all going into the house. it’s mildly annoying, since you are really two small to be left outside unattended and since you used to just go right up the stairs with everyone. at the same time it is hilarious and adorable.


2015 11 07 secret spot

special spot

i use my glasses all of the time now for reading a book or using the computer, so frequently when we go up to nurse for your nap i take them with me. because you are the best, you also want to bring your own umglasses and book (or “computer”), which means i have been nursing you in shades a lot lately. i always forget and then i look down to see if you are asleep and instead see you in sunglasses. it is funny every time.

you enjoyed thanksgiving this month, too, although the concept of cooking food all day and then eating is still a bit out there for you. you ate some of the dinner but mostly you were just delighted to have your grandparents and uncle adam here (we missed aunt nita this year!). it was beautiful weather, so we were able to get around boston a little bit too, which you always enjoy (riding the train!).

2015 11 26 dinner


weirdly you have revealed to us this month that you don’t like peanut butter. you have picked nuts out of things for awhile but it seems you don’t like them smashed, either. you will eat sunflower butter, though, which is good, but you will reject a peanut butter sandwich immediately upon learning what it is without trying it. this doesn’t seem to extend to peanut butter cookies, though, which means you are not a total weirdo.

you still like to watch trucks and you will stop whatever activity you are doing to rush to see the garbage or recycling truck out of the front windows. you will point out excavators and front loaders and cranes when we see them out and about and you still like books with pictures of the same. in fact, you chose a “things that go” richard scarry book from the library recently and then had a total breakdown when gus was reading it. i feel like we need to work some more on sharing, but it WAS pretty adorable. you really liked that book.

2015 11 24 coloring



you are getting into drawing – probably because calum is drawing more things at home these days and you like to do all things that the brothers do – and you will frequently ask papa or me to draw something for you. often it is “draw mama and papa” and i will draw stick figures (one with curls, one with a beard) and then you will scribble over them and report, “i draw mama papa inna shower.” or occasionally, “inna rain.” ok, weirdo.

happy 2 1/2 years, big kid!

2015 11 26 thirty months iii

30 months



29 months

dear hugo,

it’s autumn now and beautiful. autumn is usually beautiful here but this year has been especially pleasant, for the most part warm/warmish and sunny/sunnyish and generally very lovely all around. enough so that when we have dark and dreary days – it is fall, after all – i feel very indignant about them. the cold is coming for sure, but not just yet.

2015 10 02 great pumpkin iii

baby’s first great pumpkin

we’ve been really enjoying our fall, too, with awesome playground time (finally finally i have figured out it is the tot lot) and library hour and the zoo and even sometimes the little sprouts (we have missed so many little sprouts gatherings. mostly due to sickness. nothing major but always just enough not to be able to go). you are a delight at the zoo – everything is new and exciting to you and so we have been trying to go as frequently as possible. after a few tries we finally saw the new lions and you were quite thrilled. it is really neat to see two of them at once, although they don’t roar nearly enough (christopher was always good of a roar or three). you really enjoy story hour and sing the songs a lot. we call it “popcorn kernel” now, since that is your favorite song. but you also like “this is the way we wash” and “here’s a cup” and “big big big”.

2015 10 03 stylin

fall gear

your molars started to come in this month and that was no fun. you weren’t more cranky, which was nice, but you didn’t sleep or eat as well as you usually do. it’s nice to know that we are almost finished with the terrible teeth, though, as the 6 yr molars don’t really seem to have the same kind of impact. i’ve also noticed that your 1 yr molars are a little spotty – it looks like your enamel might be following in your middle brother’s footsteps – so we have been doing some extra brushing these days too.

2015 10 11 truck driving

truck drivin’

you have become very particular about things in the way the 2 yr olds often are. you don’t like to be called nicknames of any sort – they aren’t your real name after all – and you will correct me if i call you anything like “buddy” or “little bear” (“i not little bear! i hugo!”). you do still respond to baby, and i’m not sure whether you’re just used to being called that or if you still believe yourself to be a baby or the baby. either way, it’s nice to be able to call you something besides hugo sometimes. you also feel very specific about the order of things, more so than even your brothers were, and it’s very cute. let’s say your brothers want to play the pushee game with you (a very stupid game where all of you sit on the big arm chair in the living room and try to push each other off of it) and you want to play with them BUT you are also hungry for a bit of a snack. if they ask you to play you will emphatically say “NO” but in fact what you mean is “yes, of course, but after i have this snack.”  and i understand – you don’t have the words to express all of that yet – but it makes for what seem like very surprising choices at times.

2015 10 14 hot dog with ketchup and seitan

i hot dog with seitan and ketchup

along those same lines, you also have embraced the toddler independence more fervently than either of the other two. perhaps this is because you have two older siblings who can do things that you feel very strongly that you should also be able to do things yourself. you can do a very surprising number of things by yourself as well, including getting your pants off (and a little bit on) by yourself, getting some of your shoes on (and almost all of them off), getting your coat off and putting it away, getting in and out of the car, etc. it’s lucky that you are the one who decided to do so many things BY MYSELF as with the other two at school we almost never have to be anywhere at a specific time in the morning. at least after we drop the brothers off at school. the afternoon is tougher, with the picking up, and sometimes i have to put you in the car seat myself and that can be very sad. but we are working on getting out the door in time for you to take your time anyway.

2015 10 17 city kid

city kid

we biked to school one morning this month. you loved it, we all did, until it started to rain. we haven’t biked since! but not because of the rain, just timing. it’s tricky with having errands to run and needing to drive or places to be and the bike not working for the ride home (if you fall asleep on the bike, your whole nap is ruined because i can’t transfer you without waking you). but when we do get to ride, it’s really quite nice.

2015 10 10 afgahni scarf ii

scarf from auntie diver

you’re also becoming quite the jokester, understanding plays on words and making up funny things yourself. we were walking to meet your papa and brothers at soccer one afternoon and the wind was blowing and blowing. i was saying, “baby it’s windy” from one of our favorite books and then i said, “ooh, it’s too real” from one of our current favorite songs, and then you said, “ooh, it’s too windy!” and we both laughed. clever baby.

2015 10 26 twenty nine months

29 months

happy 29 months, my love! you get bigger and bigger every day!



28 months

dear hugo,

i was worried what the back to school transition would be like for you. i knew it would be a little rough for your biggest brother and i hope the excitement of your bigger brother would smooth this transition (and it did) but i didn’t know what to expect from you. i’m not nearly as exciting as your older siblings and there are only so many times going to the playground can be interesting in one week (at least for me, anyway) and so i was worried that you would be bored (and that i would be too). but on the afternoon of the second full day that both brothers had been in school, i was trying to get you to get ready to go pick your siblings up and you weren’t ready to go. i said, “come on, we have go to get your brothers!” and you said, “no, dere’s no more brudders!” so. yeah. you seem to be doing just fine.

2015 08 27 excavators

papa chose these shirts for you

we do have some things we do together – on mondays we meet a group at the arboretum and on tuesdays we go to story hour at the library. the monday group is fine, it’s a great excuse to get out into nature, but somehow we have missed every other week since it’s started. the tuesday activity, though, is your favorite. miss rachel usually reads two books and we sing a couple of little songs and then there is an activity or a craft. story hour has never been a thing for either of your other two brothers. we tried one or two, but it was never something they could get into. everyone is so busy. you are so busy. but somehow you really connect here and you really love the songs. you like singing “this is the way we wash our hands” and “popcorn kernel” and lately “here’s a cup.” you even do the crafts (your brother have no use for crafts). it’s been really fun to watch you enjoy it so much. i have to admit i wasn’t looking forward to story hour at all but now i love going with you.

2015 09 06 chocolate donut


you talk all the time and you say the most adorable toddler things. like both your brothers (and toddlers everywhere) you say fantastic things like “keerry you” when you want to be picked up and “give water me” when you are thirsty, but also “g’boon” (balloon), “g’bito” (burrito) and “g’nana” (banana). “kai pease have mahnahs?” which in the middle of the night just sounds like a bunch of half formed sounds, heavy on the vowels. you say “yep” and “nope” and sometimes even “actually, no thank you.” who ARE you, little person?

2015 09 01 h in the sand

second-to-last beach of the season

we went to pennsylvania this month to celebrate the wedding of our good friend ryan and you had a blast. it was a beautiful warm day on saturday, the one full day we were there, and you played your heart out. we actually went swimming a few times and you were so brave and bold and never wanted to get out of the water. we played soccer and stick fighting and there was a playground and lots of babies (dolls) and we even roasted marshmallows. it was a fun, unexpected outing and we all had a really great time seeing old and new friends.

2015 09 26 friends

your buddy

you love love reading books. some of your favorites are green hat blue hat (oops and big oops), trucks, trains (several different books about), boats, and planes and almost anything  with pictures of animals. you have a few with kids and babies that you also like and you like to point to the pictures and tell me what you see or have me ask you if you can find (where is the apple? the bunny? the kid laughing?). and of course books (with pictures) about star wars. you don’t quite like stories yet, but it’s still oh so fun to sit and look at books with you.

you have started to learn colors out of nowhere and you know a tiny bit of counting too. who is teaching you these things, anyway?

2015 09 02 sleeping brothers

calum has been sneaking into bed in the middle of the night

you are also big into imagination games – you giggle so much pretending to do things together. “mama, eat dis strah-ber’y” you tell me and we pretend to pick the fruit out of the book and eat it. “can i drink yo coffee?” and you pretend to drink from a block. or a magnatile. you and papa play a game where you take turns pretending to sleep while the other tries to wake you up. you could play that one for ages.

2015 09 19 tractor trailers

a little ride around the bend

you are so busy that you haven’t been able to settle down to sleep at a decent hour in ages. part of it is your age – you are getting closer and closer to dropping your nap, even though you still desperately need one. but you still need about three hours of sleep in the middle of the day, which pushes your bedtime way back until 9 or after many nights. also your 2 yr molars are coming in. and you’ve had a cold this month. and you’re talking SO MUCH. it’s all keeping you up too late. but you are so cute at night and a good snuggler and you and papa and read a lot of books this way together, so there are worse sleep issues to have for now. i’d like a closer to 8 o’clock bedtime for you, but daylight savings is coming soon and eventually you won’t have this cold anymore and your molars will be in. it will all change soon enough anyway. so instead your papa and i just enjoy a little time with you being up and silly and sweet.

2015 09 26 twenty eight months

28 months

happy 28 months, my dear sweet toddler.



27 months

dear chicken,

the last month of summer. well no one can see we didn’t try to wring every last drop of fun out of it, that’s for sure!

2015 07 27 buddies

buddies in VT

we began the month in virginia with nana and grandpa. you of course (we all of course) had a fantastic time. although the change in schedule gets to you over time, you did a great job with naps and bedtimes overall. and you are a fantastic traveler, just like your brothers. this year at the end of the visit we drove up to pennsylvania for a reunion with grandpa’s family. even with the extra driving you and your brothers were great, just great.

2015 08 02 goofy grandpa

goofy grandpa

i rode in the front seat this time on our trip, with you behind the driver seat so the front seat passenger could pass you things as necessary. it actually worked out ok. you were a bit put out that you couldn’t have mahnah’s whenever you wanted, and in fact a few times you yelled quite a bit about it (STOP DRIVING! MAHNAHS RIGHT NOW). it was a little tough and we did stop once or twice to nurse. but honestly, that wasn’t too bad. we could usually time it so that everyone could have a bathroom break and/or to get gas, and we all could stretch our legs from time to time. plus you are still only a wee guy, 10+ hours in the car is long any way you look at it. but i can’t say i’m going to miss those lean-over-the-car seat-to-nurse days at all.

2015 08 03 hugo with a mustache

has he got a deal for you

we didn’t go to the beach as much this summer but we DID finally make it to revere beach for the sand castle contest! it was pretty neat. you enjoyed the sand castles a lot and you really like the ocean too. it’s very exciting and scary to run in and then have a wave get you. you spent a lot of time running into and out of the water, screeching with glee/terror. it was pretty adorable. the one day we went to a beach with a lot of tide pools, though, and you didn’t like that as much, although i think mostly you were hungry and not afraid of things. it was really neat and we hope to go again next year.

2015 08 03 gift and thrifters

hanging with nana

you are big and know all of the things all of the other kids know. you know all of the star wars characters already (you can name them on the box of the star wars graham crackers that we buy) and you even know which ones are supposed to fight each other, as evidenced by the fighting games you play with your brothers’ star wars figures. i suppose it is sort of appalling how deeply steeped you are in all of this silliness at such a young age, but it’s also pretty amazing and entertaining. i am in awe, really, of how devoted you are to all things brothers, and how much they work to include you in most things. so if you are a two year old who already knows more things about star wars than a lot of grownups, i am more than okay with that.

2015 08 04 chickens ii


you have started to resist going up to bed to nurse. it’s a little obnoxious but not worth battling over. for many naps and bedtimes we have been nursing you to sleep on the couch and then transferring. it’s inconvenient, sure, but at this point in my life i really will do just about anything to make sure the sleeping happens, so you win this round for sure. i also know that all things will pass, and so i am able not to get too terribly hung up on it. still, it will be nice when we can just go to bed when it’s time to sleep ohmygoodness.

2015 08 23 cousins


you like to do many things – you play so much more with toys and games and things than before. you have really started to understand that certain things have functions that can be manipulated for good times. one thing in particular you really enjoy going is “pay ma’na’tiles” with anyone who will sit down with you. you and calum in particularly like to build magnatile cubes with soldiers inside. i’m not really sure what the ultimate goal is, but you seem to want to build as many cubes as possible and them smash them. actually, that probably IS the ultimate goal. but it’s pretty amazing to see you do what is actually a fairly complex task with relatively little difficulty.

2015 08 08 nap with baby

baby snuggles

you’re a very loving guy. you like giving big hugs and kisses and you like to check in to see how people are feeling and you like cheering people on. sometimes i let you press some buttons for me when i am playing one of my silly games on the iPad. if i seem to have done well on one of the games, you will often turn to me with a big grin and a hand up and shout, “NI JAH’ GIMME FI’!” so of course i have to give you a high five, even if i’ve only just  transitioned from the opening screen to the main menu.

2015 08 08 family on a rock


you have learned that my and papa’s phones take photos and you have joined your brothers in occasionally demanding “tay pi’shur me!” when you think you are doing something cool. the problem is that you usually get so excited that you can’t hold still, so it’s a difficult request to actually fulfill. it’s difficult even to sneak a photo anymore because you immediately notice and demand to see it. it’s hard to explain that there is no photo to see if you don’t be quite and let us take it first.

2015 08 07 hugo qb

steelers’ new starting quarterback

my cousin (you call her g’elise) and her son tristan came to visit us for a week this summer. you LOVED it. poor tristan could not understand why you had to follow him around ALL. THE. TIME. but boy did you really like having ANOTHER big kid in the house. he is a really sweet guy and your big brothers really had a nice visit with him too.

2015 08 23 hugo on a cat

i got cat

we’re still nursing a decent amount but you are getting more patient about it – often when you wake up before i am upstairs for my bedtime i have to pee before i come into nurse. when you were smaller you would be so angry, but now you wait without complaint, sometimes even calling out, “oh – you need pee? ok”. you are a stinker but you are also a love.

2015 08 26 twenty seven months

27 months

happy 27 months, you amazing 2 yr old. i can’t believe how lucky we are to have you in our lives!



26 months

dear dr. bones,

time keeps marching by. i (mostly) didn’t work for the past few weeks, so i’m finally catching up for a minute before everything starts again in full force new week. i wouldn’t have chosen not to make much money this month(!), but what a gift it has been to be able to enjoy this summer time with my 3 lovelies without the stress of squeezing in all boring working time.

2015 06 29 brother safari

baby’s first safari

you’ve loved having your brothers home and i am dreading the end of the summer this year a little more than usual. i am excited for calum in particular to start kindergarten – and he is too! – but i think you are going to be very sad. i am going to have to think of some extra fun things for us to do those first few weeks in september!

2015 07 03 hugo ii

lion tamer

the beginning of this month was a little bit tough because you had a weird stomach bug – fever and vomiting every couple days for a week straight. it was confusing for me and uncomfortable for you. you were a trooper as usual, though, and whenever you weren’t sleeping or puking it was hard to tell that you were sick at all. lucky for us (although not for him, perhaps), uncle adam happened to visit while you and your brothers (who only ever had fevers and went to be early) were sick and was a big help. plus you all loved getting to spend time with him, too.

2015 06 28 i, weirdo

baby weirdo

you are growing growing growing so much! you eat bre’fast with us most mornings, frequently requesting “sugar ‘minnin'” on your toast. when we were in VT for a long weekend this month i made you toast but we didn’t have cinnamon. i pretend to put some italian spices on your toast in the hope of tricking into eating it anyway. “it b’oken,” you said. “open it.” you don’t miss a thing, smarty.

2015 07 02 frog pond

frog pond

you speak like a “learn to speak ___” computer program. when you are offered something you don’t like (“hugo, would you like a banana?”) you parrot back, “i don’t want it, banana”. if i ask you too many times, that is often followed by, “STOP SAYING”. ok-aaaay.

you like to do silly voices too. you and papa play a game where you yell at each other in deep, gravelly voices, and yours sounds like, “WOOK AT ME, WOOK AT ME.” it is hard for papa to play that game without laughing.

2015 06 27 lighting ii


earlier this month, nearing the end of soccer for the season, i road my bicycle so that nana and grandpa could ride in the car with everyone. i left right before everyone did and when the car got home a few minutes later, out popped calum with a bandage on his head. “what happened?!” i cried, “how was i possibly gone long enough for THAT to happen?!” nana explained that you had thrown a stick at calum’s head. and now there is a scar. sigh. oh, hugo. poor calum. you really need to give your brother a break some time.

2015 07 06 fevered bear

“i not sick”

you desperately want to be old enough to play the iPad. sometimes you sneak and sometimes we let you have a turn – your favorite is a game you call “boordies“, wherein you use your finger to drag a little bird around the screen to interact with graphics and cause silly things to happen. you are so adorable playing it that sometimes i give in and give you short turn. the problem is that you have such an epic tantrum when your turn is over – no matter how long or short – that it’s just not worth it for anyone to let you play. so you’re just going to have to 10 more months, my poor baby.

2015 07 26 h on a boat

baby on a boat

we went to a new spray deck a few times with friends this month and you LOVED it. you love water in every way possible, and this spray deck also has a wading pool, so it was just about your best thing. you were in and out of the water all morning long, it was such a pleasure to watch you go and go.

your song of the month is bad blood (or “death girl” as calum called it once). in no way is the video appropriate for a 2 yr old but sometimes we let your brain rot, i guess, is my only defense. you have started to sing this one sometimes too. you love your favorite songs to much it’s hard not to want to let you listen to them. you often request them in the car and it’s hard to explain that the radio doesn’t work the same way as the computer. technology is a confusing thing.

2015 07 25 friends


you have discovered the rest of our byron barton books. you don’t have a favorite, you usually just like to read them all. you will be into a particular book for a day or so and then you will quickly move onto another one. ah those books are so good, it’s so much fun to see you enjoy them. you are *just* starting to appreciate the occasional sandra boynton as well. you frequently drag books up to me or to papa and slap them down into one of our laps, demanding, “READ DIS.” when papa or i can’t, one of your brothers often volunteers.  i love how much the three of you love books.

2015 06 27 ok

sharing with liam

you pay close attention to everything we are doing and you often have things to say about it. for example, we got a new floor put into the kitchen. while the worker was putting down the cork, he would stop frequently to gently tap it down with a rubber mallet. you were very concerned about this and exclaimed, “don’t hurt it!” we laughed and explained that it was ok but you were not quite convinced.

2015 07 02 hugo candy

silly guy

it’s been so, so hot this month – not bad for summer – so you have been refusing pajamas most nights. it means that we get to see your hilarious new sleeping position – on your belly, bum up, with hands palm up under you, fingers sticking out from under your bum. it’s the most ridiculous and adorable thing.

2015 07 03 on a rock ii


happy 26 months, baby, what a very wonderful summer we are having together!

2015 07 26 twenty-six months

26 months



25 months

dear hugo,

well i did it. i cut your hair this month. and by cut i mean trim. your papa was disappointed that it wasn’t more, even though it was actually a few inches! but i love your long hair! so that’s all i can handle for now.

2015 06 01 trim

baby’s first haircut

you got your stitches out this month too and you didn’t like it. you tell me often, “dr shue huht me.” i try to explain that it was dr costello, but it doesn’t stick. you have a crazy scar like a pirate on your knee now, but it doesn’t seem to bother you. indeed, you are already lifting your feet to glide on your strider!

2015 06 22 balance biker

ready to go

you are learning more and more words. my favorite expression is when you say ok, “oh-kaaaay” like you are so put out. it’s amazing. we also play a tickle game where i ask you if you want “boogie-boogie”. usually you say no at first, and then you ask me if i want “boog-boogie” with a smile and a tilt of your head. who can say no to that? after you’ve tickled me and i giggle, you are usually ready for some boogie-boogie yourself. you also spend a lot of your time yelling at your brother – “don’t DO dat, dayum!” it’s not very nice but it is funny. when i come in from a run you say, “oh, hi, mama! did you go run?” you say “rah pay shoo” with hand motions followed immediately by an “aaaw.” you don’t really understand why people play rock paper shoot but you’re not going to be left out!

2015 05 28 hugo

cool guy

your pennsylvania cousins came to visit this month and you were over the moon. as usual we had a great visit with your aunt and uncle and you enjoyed evenly and liam – you and liam get to be great buddies, in fact – but lillian was by far your favorite thing. everything was about lillian and what was she doing and could you hold her and oh no baby’s crying and does she want this toy? for days after you asked about her. i usually told you she was at home sleeping and you seemed to think that was ok.

2015 06 03 swan boats

swan boats

calum and i took you on the swan boats for your annual birthday trip and this time you were actually awake for it! you loved seeing all of the birds and the water. we walked around the public gardens too and saw the make way for ducklings ducks. although you don’t know the books, you thought they were kind of cool too.

2015 06 05 mah ch'ucks

birthday trucks

we took you out to eat this month for the first time in ages. maybe a year? because you are the worst at meal times. but we thought we might be able to distract you with the aquariums we have there. i’m not sure if they helped or not, but you did great. i’m sure it helped that nana and grandpa were there and you seemed to enjoy the food too. i don’t think we’re ready to make a regular time of it, but it’s nice to know we can go out to eat *sometimes*. your brothers actually weren’t terrible either. what a nice change.

2015 06 16 colorful kids

“i have cool hair”

you continued to receive presents for awhile after your actual birthday, so when packages that came that were not for you, it was a bit of an issue. “HAAAI!” you’d shout, ” DAT’S MY BIR’DAY!” sorry, buddy, it’s actually toilet paper.

2015 05 31 happy birthday to hugo

2nd birthday party

you haven’t had an accident in ages and forever now. in fact you have started peeing up outside at least, which is great! you prefer to pee off of the porch or in the fence holes and that’s fine with me. i just need you to pee before nap and bedtime, i’m not too particular. the next big challenge is getting your pants on and off over your big butt, but we have plenty of time for that.

2015 06 06 water race

water race!

you have discovered machines at work and you love it. you have been liking excavation trucks in general for some time, but this is the first time you actually want to sit down and read about them. you especially like the “el-ka-vay-dors” and cranes.

2015 06 14 flowers

flower sniffer

you like the iPad very much too and will often shriek, “DAS MY IPAD” when it gets taken away from you. you are very good and quietly going off and sneaking a turn. you love this one little bird game that i would let you play sometimes if you didn’t throw such a tantrum when your time was up. sorry, baby, no technology for you just yet.

2015 06 02 sticker stealer

“i got deese sdick-ohs”

you’ve moved on from bruno mars to taylor swift, with shake it off being your new favorite video. you sing bits of it to yourself from time to time, and in fact when i transferred you to the bed from the car at nap time one day, you murmured, “people say mmm-mmm” as you rolled over and went to sleep. you slay me, little pop culture lover.

2015 06 26 twenty-five months

25 months

happy 25 months, big kid! what a joy it is seeing you grow!